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Young Friends

The place where young Philly comes together to support art, culture, and community at the museum.

Young Friends members smiling for a group photo at a party


Young Friends is a membership add-on where young Philly comes together to support art, communities, and culture throughout the city — while having a great time.

As a Young Friend member, you will explore and experience what makes the museum and Philadelphia a destination for arts and culture by participating in special events with artists, curators, museum staff, and peers.

Plus, you’ll receive discounts on ticketed Young Friend events, including our largest party of the year, Art-ish.

You can even have a hand in organizing events and programs by getting involved with one of our planning committees.

Join online by selecting your desired membership level and adding on Young Friends ($50 annually or $4.16 per month for one, $100 annually or $8.33 per month for two).

Model standing on the steps of the Great Stair Hall in front of the Diana sculpture

Young Friends Advisory Council

The Young Friends Program and Advisory Council advance the museum’s mission through their financial support and engagement of new audiences. As informed advocates on behalf of the museum, Advisory Council members cultivate a forum for young Philly professionals to participate in a variety of educational and social activities supporting art, culture, and community.


  • Kelly Farley
  • Norman Lawrence

Advisory Council

  • Benjamin Raile
  • Jacquelyn Herder
  • Kelly Farley
  • Lindsay Young
  • Kellye DeSantis
  • Michael Gerstein
  • Olivia Paige
  • Raheem Manning
  • Salima Bradley
  • Celina Hernandez Miray
  • Danielle Scaramella
  • Courtney Fail
  • Robert Marsch
  • Jakob Schwabe