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Prometheus Eternal

The timeless tale of Prometheus’s gift of fire has been reimagined by some of the most visionary artists working today.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has joined forces with award-winning publishers Locust Moon Press to produce Prometheus Eternal, a full-color comic book anthology inspired by Peter Paul Rubens’s masterpiece Prometheus Bound. Just as Rubens synthesized art from the past to forge his unique vision, the artists in the book have taken the myth of Prometheus and Rubens’s painting as starting points from which to produce wholly new interpretations all their own. Together their imaginative works explore the gift of creation and the price of defiance.

Prometheus Eternal boasts a stellar list of writers and artists, including: Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin), one of the most celebrated illustrators in the history of comics; Grant Morrison (New X-Men) and Dave McKean (The Sandman), creators of Batman–Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, the best-selling superhero graphic novel of all time; and Yuko Shimizu (The Unwritten), one of the most sought-after illustrators in the world.

Other contributors include Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War); Andrea Tsurumi (The New York Times, SpongeBob Comics); David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil); Lisk Feng (Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream); Paul Pope (Batman: Year 100); and James Comey (Once Upon a Time Machine).


Discover how Peter Paul Rubens’s masterpiece of creative defiance, Prometheus Bound, sparked the imaginations of the most influential artists working in comics today, including Bill Sienkiewicz, Grant Morrison, Dave McKean, and Yuko Shimizu.
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Prometheus Eternal was developed by James A. Cincotta, Director of Retail; and Christopher D. M. Atkins, The Agnes and Jack Mulroney Associate Curator of European Painting and Sculpture before 1900, both of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

About Locust Moon

Locust Moon is a comic shop, art gallery, and press based in West Philadelphia. Described recently by The A.V. Club as “a major new force in the comics industry,” Locust Moon has published the Eisner Award–winning anthology Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream (2014), the Harvey Award–nominated Once Upon a Time Machine (2012), and the periodical comics and illustration magazine Quarter Moon. Prometheus Eternal is its first collaboration with a museum.