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The Savior Amoghapasha Avalokiteshvara

Late 13th - early 14th century
Artist/maker unknown, Nepalese
This painting reveals the international character of early Malla period art. The white-walled palace with two remaining turrets (originally there were five before the top was cropped) reflects Pala period architecture of ninth- through twelfth-century northern India. The central deity, Amoghapasha, wears a necklace with red and gold swags. This style of necklace became popular in China following a visit by the Newar artist Anige (1243-1306), who greatly impressed Kublai Khan, founder of the Chinese Yuan dynasty (1271-1368). The lower registers show small houses that reflect Nepal's own architecture and illustrate various Buddhist stories, auspicious symbols, and Newar ritual worship....

Object Details

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