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Cuirassier Armor

Artist/maker unknown, Northern Italian or French. Commissioned by Magdalena Sibylla of Brandenburgfor her husband, 1587 - 1659

In the court of Saxony, influential women sometimes commissioned armor for use by men. This armor belonged to a set of seven similar armors presented in 1612 by Magdalena Sibylla (1587-1659), margravine of Brandenburg, as a Christmas gift to her husband, Prince Elector Johann Georg I of Saxony (ruled 1611 to 1656).

The set, intended for the personal use of the elector and his guests during tournaments contested on foot, was worn on July 4, 1613, to celebrate the baptism of the electoral heir, Johann Georg (1613-1680, ruled 1656 to 1680). The other six suits of armor, including the elector's own, are preserved in the Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Germany.


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PDF includes looking questions, history, style and introductory color theory information.

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