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Damarupada, Avadhutipada, Gayadhara and La-chen Drog-mi with Sakya Lineage

c. 15th century
Artist/maker unknown, Tibetan
This painting shows four groups of figures that are particularly important for the Sakya order. The followers of Sakya believe the three small figures at the top—the Bodhisattva of Wisdom (left), the Buddha (center), and Nagarjuna (right)—taught and inspired the four central figures Virupa (c. 800–850), Tilopa (988–1069), Gayadhara, and Drogmi. It was through the Tibetan translator Drogmi that Indian Buddhist teachings were transmitted to the nine small Tibetan lamas in the lower half of the painting. The fierce coupling deities in the center (Guhyasamaja above and Hevajra below) refer to specific teachings within Buddhism emphasized by these scholars.

Object Details

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