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The Fourteen Dreams of Queen Trishala

Artist/maker unknown, Indian
Here, the Fourteen Auspicious Dreams of Devananda and Queen Trishala at the moment of the jina Mahavira's conception are depicted together, although their written description continues for several pages. Looking from upper left to lower right, they are: 1) a beautiful elephant; 2) a resplendent bull; 3) a jovial lion; 4) Shri, the goddess of wealth, holding lotus flowers; 5) garlands of fragrant flowers floating down from the sky; 6) the moon, pure as the surface of a mirror; 7) the sun, leader of the planets; 8) a large flag atop a golden pole; 9) a golden jar full of pure water; 10) a lake perfumed by a thousand lotus flowers; 11) the Sea, milky in the glow of moonbeams and filled with fish; 12) a celestial palace, home of perpetual joy; 13) a heap of jewels; 14) a bright, smokeless flame.

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