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Panchen Chos rgyan (blo bzang chos kyi rgyal mtshan) with Ksharpana Avalokiteshvara and White Six-Armed Mahakala

19th century
Artist/maker unknown, Tibetan
This lama, or spiritual teacher, from Tashilhunpo monastery, holds a damaru (drum) and a vajra (a scepter representing enlightenment) in his right hand while his left holds a bell. These three ritual objects, including the sacred gestures being enacted by the teacher, are essential elements of Tibetan Buddhist ritual and practice. Above, on the left, is a Yellow Cap Order monk holding a vajra. On the right is the Bodhisattva Khasarpani Avalokiteshvara. Mahakala, one of the dharmapalas (defenders of the Buddhist teachings), is at the bottom.

Object Details

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