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Portrait of Dr. Dumouchel

Marcel Duchamp, American (born France), 1887 - 1968
In this mysterious painting, in which the influence of Henri Matisse and the Fauves is evident in the scrubby paint handling and use of non-naturalistic iridescent colors, Duchamp envelops the left hand of his childhood friend with a strange emanation, like a halo or aura. Raymond Dumouchel was a medical student in the field of radiology when he posed for this portrait, so the artist's treatment of his hand probably refers to his pioneering work with X-rays and other recent scientific inventions. However, the glowing nimbus that surrounds his hand also suggests that Dumouchel possessed special healing powers or extrasensory perceptions....

Object Details
Dr. Raymond Dumouchel, France; sold to Louise and Walter C. Arensberg, Los Angeles, July 1951 [1]; gift to PMA, 1950.1. According to the Arensbergs' provenance notes dated 1951 (PMA, Arensberg Archives).

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