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The Demon Samvara Kidnaps Krishna's Infant Son, Pradyumna

c. 1760-1765
Artist/maker unknown, Indian
After winning the battle for Mathura, Krishna takes the beautiful Rukmini as his queen-but Krishna's adventures are far from over. Soon Rukmini gives birth to a baby boy named Pradyumna. A prophecy has foretold that when the child grows to manhood he will kill the demon Samvara. Samvara learns of the birth and flies to Krishna's palace. The rest of this episode tells of Pradyumna's rescue, his secret rearing inside the demon's palace, and his eventual fulfillment of the prophecy. This painting shows the moment after the abduction. Rukmini, still in the cloth headband worn during delivery, sits among the stunned palace women as Samvara soars through the air holding Pradyumna.

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