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The Second Bogd Gegen, Six-Armed White Mahakala, and Amitayus in an Amitayus-Field

Mid- to late 18th century
Artist/maker unknown, Mongolian
This painting depicts one hundred images of Amitayus, the Buddha of Infinite Life. The systematic creation of numerous depictions of this deity is undertaken to extend the life of the patron or the person to whom the images are offered. The Gelug monk (wearing the yellow hat) seated above the large central Amitayus was the most important Mongolian religious leader of his time: the Second Bogd Gegen (1724–1757). His identity is indicated by his hand gestures, the vajra and bell resting on the lotuses he holds, and the fierce protector-deity below, Six-Armed White Mahakala. This form of Mahakala was named the patron of Mongolia by the Third Dalai Lama (1543–1588). ...

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