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Prints from Brandywine Workshop

Miss Otis, 2002, by Emma Amos

In 2009, the Brandywine Workshop and Archives donated 100 prints by eighty-nine artists to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in memory of its late director Anne d’Harnoncourt. The gift continues to serve as an important resource for the Department of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs, which endeavors to advance the exhibition, study, and accessibility of these works.

Since its founding in 1972 in Philadelphia by Allan Edmunds, the Brandywine Workshop has become an internationally recognized center for printmaking and an integral part of the local community. The workshop is committed to fostering printmaking as a vital contemporary art and to supporting collaboration and experimentation between visual artists and skilled printers. In addition to working closely with local artists and offering a wide array of educational programs, Brandywine has sponsored nearly 300 residencies for artists from thirty-five states and fifteen foreign countries and has toured exhibitions to over thirty cities in Europe, the Middle and Near East, Africa, and Latin America.