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Van Gogh Up Close

February 1–May 6, 2012

Vincent van Gogh was an artist of exceptional intensity, not only in his use of color and exuberant application of paint, but also in his personal life. Drawn powerfully to nature, his works--particularly those created in the years just before he took his own life--engage the viewer with the strength of his emotions. This exhibition focuses on these tumultuous years, a period of feverish artistic experimentation that began when van Gogh left Antwerp for Paris in 1886 and continued until his death in Auvers in 1890. Radically altering and often outright abandoning traditional painting techniques, van Gogh created still lifes and landscapes unlike anything that had ever been seen before. He experimented with depth of field and focus. He used shifting perspectives and brought familiar objects "up close" into the foreground. And he produced some of the most original works of his career; works that dramatically altered the course of modern painting. Through some 40 masterpieces borrowed from collections around the world, Van Gogh Up Close is the first exhibition to explore the reasons and means by which this impassioned artist made such unusual changes to his painting style in the final years of his life. When he arrived in Paris, van Gogh initially worked in the Montmartre apartment he shared with his brother Theo. He created a series of still lifes and paintings of flowers and fruit, focusing especially on aspects of scale, angle, and color. In many of these works, objects may be seen from above, or are placed in a tightly cropped space providing no clues to their context or setting. Pieces of fruit appear to tip forward and threaten to roll out of the picture. Meanwhile, the close up views of grasses, wheat sheaves, and tree trunks, which dominate the foreground of a number of the landscapes of this period, hint at more than just a detailed study of subject--they suggest a deep concern with representing the sensory and emotional experience of being outdoors. When van Gogh discovered the work of other artists in Paris, such as the Impressionist paintings of Monet, Pissarro, and Renoir, and the pointillist works of Seurat and others, he was inspired to use lighter colors and to play with different kinds of brushwork in his own work. At about this time, he also began to acquire Japanese woodblock prints. He admired these for their decorative use of color and flattened compositions, and he embraced the ideas of Japanese artists who worked in close communion with nature, studying "the smallest blade of grass" to better comprehend nature as a whole. Indeed, when he moved to Arles in 1888, van Gogh wrote that being in the south of France was the closest thing to going to Japan. The landscapes that he painted around Arles show Japanese influence in their deep views of the countryside and high horizon lines, while the landscapes he went on to create in Saint-Rémy and Auvers in 1889 and 1890 are tightly packed, more structured works. Dominated by a screen of trees or falling raindrops, these paintings suggest the immediacy and closeness of van Gogh's surroundings. A year before he died, he wrote in a letter to his sister, "I…am always obliged to go and gaze at a blade of grass, a pine-tree branch, an ear of wheat, to calm myself." In his final works, van Gogh closed in on his subjects in even more dramatic ways, reducing the depth of field and maximizing the expressive impact of his brushwork and color. An intimately focused view of a clump of iris, a tangle of almond branches, and the vibrant patterning of an Emperor moth are just a few of the images in an audacious series of still lifes which mark the culmination of the exhibition.

Support and Organizers

Van Gogh Up Close is made possible by GlaxoSmithKline and Sun Life Financial. The exhibition is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Additional support is provided by the Robert Lehman Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Annenberg Foundation Fund for Major Exhibitions, The Kathleen C. and John J. F. Sherrerd Fund for Exhibitions, the National Endowment for the Arts, The Women's Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Arcadia Foundation, Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson, David and Margaret Langfitt, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Linck, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thalheimer, Mrs. Eugene W. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Abramson, and other generous individuals. Promotional support is provided by NBC 10 WCAU and Amtrak. The catalogue was funded, in part, by the Netherland-America Foundation. The exhibition is organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

Haiku Station

Selected Haiku inspired by Van Gogh's work written by museum visitors at the Haiku Station in the Museum Education Corridor.

Responses to Van Gogh's ‘Pair of Boots' The muddy old boots,
At the end of a long day
Rest, ‘til tomorrow
-Torie (4-13-2012) Soft broken boots sit
The laces had dragged through the dirt
The memories are here
-Hannah (4-13-2012) Weary, worn and hobbled
Tossed off his feet at evening
Morn will com again
-Esther (4-14-2012) Am I to sit here
Deserted and lonely
Where is my owner
-Jim (4-13-2012) A million steps
Marched through mud
Tangled laces
-Janet (4-12-2012) I sit alone now.
My appearance is no more
Oh, what a cruel fate
-Vernon (4-15-2012) Two boots on their own
Where might they have come from and
By whom are they owned?
-Royna (4-5-2012) He walked in the sun
With leather boots on his feet
Squishing as he walked
-Emily (4-7-2012) Tired feet of mine
Rest these leather boots awhile
Sleep away the dust
-Karen (4-7-2012) Oh weary feet walk
Miles trodden on the earth
Seeking new landscapes
-Charlene (4-8-2012) Hard working leathered
Nailed to earth but floating on
My soul on the sea
-Esperanza A memory shows
Through a pair of my old boots,
Something gained and lost
-Madison (4-9-2012) Worn boots, untangled
Their home cherished, but unknown
Recalled by van Gogh
-Shadina (4-7-2012) Weathered and scared boots
What tragedies have you encountered
Reflections of a working man
-Sally (4-6-2012) Walk the road he walked
A life of pain and sorrow
Walk until the end
-Jill (4-6-2012) Workman's humble shoes,
Hob-nailed soles and tired leather
Two trailing laces
-Emily (4-6-2012) Old boots shown lovely
As only Vincent can do,
To please forever
-Chris (4-6-2012) Nails scattered like stars
I wonder what tracks you leave
Along winter walks
-Barbara (4-5-2012) The painted boots so old
Worn, tired, dirty, falling apart
With many many tales to tell
-Linda (4-17-2012) Where are we going?
Where will these lonely soles lead?
Only time can tell.
-Jamie (4-27-2012) So well loved and worn
Made timeless upon canvas
Those glittering soles
-Shannon (4-17-2012) Long tiring day
I would like to find a way
To repose my soul
-Brooke (4-17-2012) Forgotten brown boots
Sit still, patiently waiting
Ready to be worn
-Melissa (4-14-2012) Worn and Bare of thread
Rusty nails replenishing
The traveler's soul.
-Damion (4-14-2012) Sturdy, but well worn
My traveling companions
Journey of the "soul."
-Kristin and Donna (4-14-2012) Boots at Rest
Mud dries on the souls
Heels touching to the sky
-Suzan (4-15-2012) Muddy boots make me smile
I think about their journey
They've walked through nature
-Jacinta (4-12-2012) Blue ruffles of cloth
Summoned worn, age black boots with
Reflection of life.
-Yaelle (4-12-2012) The years quickly pass
Far too many to speak of
Their soles remain true
-Anonymous (4-9-2012) Through the fields of waving wheat
Vincent sees his boots
-Vibiana (4-12-2012) As shoes quickly age
The stories they could tell
Their soles remain true
-Anonymous (4-9-2012) Ragged and weary
Sorrow and pain cling to them
Such a lonely life
-Sierra (4-13-2012) Well worn and weary
But still ready to move
Quietly, I wait
-Milt (4-13-2012) Faithful as a dog
These boots sit at the ready
For stringing, work, life
-Maura (4-13-2012) Laces reach the edge-
These boots leap from art to world
Nails dimple the sole
-Mitch (4-13-2012) Worn by my father
Through the laces of his life
Home alas is he
-Tara (4-13-2012) Weathered old black boots
These boots may have been van Gogh's
Worn amid the hay
-Jacob (4-13-2012) These old worn leather
Lie on my blue bedroom floor
Beauty in my eyes
-Ty (4-13-2012) Mud covered boots shine
Oil color brush strokes line
Shadow light day night
-Lake (4-13-2012) These boots have been worn
To where only they can say
Leather old beat and torn
-Heather (4-12-2012) Many a day has passed
Along the fields I trodden
Homeward to my rest
-Terri (4-13-2012) Muddy maybe days
Ventures the adventurer
Lace up your boots now
-Emil and Ann (4-13-2012) Scorched summer leather
Hard winter makes laces fall
Missing spring in step
-Clarence (4-14-2012) Well healed, my soul's knot
Untied laces bars set free
Many miles to go
-Michelle (4-9-2012) My old shoes have seen
Younger, happier, brighter
Days of my great life
-Mary and Chuck (4-9-2012) Old souls together
Bound by ties that wonder when
Their work will be done
-Amy (4-10-2012) Leather passion waits
For a kiss of blue, too late
And too worn, forlorn
-Thomas (4-10-2012) Dusty and worn
Two old friends
Still plenty of life left in them
-Karen (4-9-2012) The warmth of their soles
Comfort my feet and my heart
My old friends, my boots
-Elyse (4-10-2012) White dots on a boot
Leaving marks as I travel
Strings dragging behind
-Jase (4-10-2012) Old boots tumbled off
Owner rushing to relax
From the outside, in
-Lisa Anne (4-10-2012) Black boots on blue ground
Honor of the working poor
Vincent shows the way
-Brendan and Siobhan (4-10-2012) Walking for so long,
Working on eternity,
Comfort in these found
-Suzanne (4-11-2012) Well-worn protector
Left behind and forgotten
Friend to journeyers
-Ciara (4-10, 2012) Worn hard working boots
Wake up early everyday
We work away life
-Chris (4-10-2012) Two boots and two laces
Two feet with ten toes enclosed
One life lived; one gone
-Marcia (4-11-2012) The landscape beckons
My footprints set down its path
Consciously treading
-Kim (4-11-2012) Nails in the bottom
Worn leather framed shoe strings lay
Work is done, now sleep
-Jenni (4-11-2012) Worn animal hide
Covered in the rain and mud
Sit with no body
-Emily (4-9-2012) Well worn friends rest
Awaiting the next journey
Adventure does call
-Joe (4-11-2012) The beat of the step
Oh how I do hear its stomp
A repeating march
-Wayne (4-10-2012) Art teachers rejoice
Assign this to your students
A pile of old shoes
-Suzette (4-11-2012) Have walked my way to
The end of this empty day
No turning back now
-Jerilyn ($-7-2012) Trodden, damp and wet
At rest from the winding trail
Boots home from roaming
-Kate (4-7-2012) Old, worn-out black boots
Speak to my heart in strange ways
They go to my sole.
-Karen (4-9-2012) Well healed, my soul's knot
Untied laces bars set free
Many miles to go
-Michelle (4-9-2012) Clump, clump, clump
These boots have been everywhere
From Moon to nowhere
-Hannah (4-10-2012) Not even one soul
Who will fill these filthy shoes
To sit as model
-Sharon (4-10-2012) Dusty and worn
Two old friends
Still plenty of life left in them
-Karen (4-9-2012) The landscape beckons
My footprints set down its path
Consciously treading
-Kim (4-11-2012) Well worn friends rest
Awaiting the next journey
Adventure does call
-Joe (4-11-2012) Sky path underfoot
Leather and nails fade away
Amid the dark stars
-Jerilyn (4-7-2012) Rain soaked work boots
Sweat of a hard toiled brow
Life moves on to hope
-Marae (4-5-2012) Old worn leather soles
Reflecting a long journey
Where to go from here?
-Kristin (4-6-2012) Clip-clops proudly worn
Worn out soles fell rugged tale
These shoes need no shine
-Dan (4-6-2012) Tap tap of old boots
Mending tell of old stories
Walking in the blue
-Kim (4-6-2012) Worn out, lonely soles
A long lost, aged wanderer
This threadbare, bleak life
-Crystal (4-6-2012) Crumpled and bumpy
Empty, and untied all equal
Vincent van Gogh's shoes
-Thatcher (4-6-2012) Muddy on the porch
A misstep into the stream
Memories soaked in
-Greg (4-6-2012) I see the shoes sit
So worn but comfortable
They are an old friend
-Anneliese and Linda (4-6-2012) Well-worn trusty boots
Part of my life for so long
Weary as am I
-Julia (4-6-2012) Trodden weary miles
Journeying through lonely scenes
Hues of dry and damp
-Abby and Karin (4-6-2012) Walking in my shoes
Will give you, some perspective
Wisdom, don't be fooled
-Veronica (4-6-2012) Trodden, damp, and wet
At rest from the winding trail
Boots home from roaming
-Kate (4-7-2012) Tattered and worn down
Living on well past their life
(much like their owner)
-Christina (4-7-2012) Rugged worn brown shoes
Guide me on an adventure
Toward a landscape
-Julie (4-7-2012) Van Gogh's boots empty;
Worn hob nail soles, limp laces;
Work of the day done
-Anon (4-7-2012) So worn and dirty
Against the blue velveteen
Lost in adventures
-Valerie (4-72012) Few know the joy
And the pride that lay in
Beautiful worn work boots
-Sean (4-7-2012) Now-take off the boots
The hard work is finished
Rest from your toil
-Emma (3-7-2012) You who have trodden
A world ever changing
Rest in weariness
-Penny (4-8-2012) A shoe, like a face
Tells a story of its past
Words can never say
-Mattie (4-8-2012) Gruff, rough, tussled, torn
Silently they wait for him
Another day breaks
-Cynthia (4-8-2012) Paint the rain I wear
Shoes reflect the man I am
Laces unraveled
-George (4-8-2012) Interpretation
Saturated leather sole
Closed window to life
-Christina (4-8-2012) Dirty boots intrigue
What fields have they walked upon?
Take the earth with them
-Lisbeth (4-8-2012)

Responses to Van Gogh's ‘Almond Blossom' These gnarly branches
Lifting fragrance to the sky—
immortal van Gogh
-Nancy (3-23-2012) Delicate blossoms
Since fallen from gnarled branches
Ever now in bloom
-Charlotte (4-8-2012) Delicate blossoms,
A sky of tremulous blue—
One who lost his way.
-Nancy (3-23-2012) Delicate blossoms
Since fallen from gnarled branches
Ever now in bloom
-Charlotte (4-8-2012) We sit in silence
As we breathe in and out
this is our essence
-Jason (4-19-2012) Pink white spring flowers
Stretching into the blue sky
Warm breezes singing
-Deb (4-19-2012) Blue sky, white blossoms
Green branches twisting turning
Together create wonder
-Ronda (4-19-2012) Eyes of angels twinkle
Azure sky of heaven wave
Flirty blossom call
-Michelle (4-19-2012) Gnarled branches sprouting
Blossoms, white and delicate
Suspended beauty
-Kathryn (4-19-2012) In morning blue
Blossoms float in springtime air
Singing life to all
-Terri (4-19-2012) Glorious blossoms
So enchanting to behold
My thoughts are of you
-Nantambu (4-19-2012) White and bluish green
Beauty all around the wind
Scattered flowers fall
-Stephen (4-19-2012) The beautiful buds
The almond buds are pretty
I like almond buds
-Anne Lise (4-2-2012) Gleaming so bright
Sparkling in the moon light
So bright in the sun
-Cristina (4-2-2012) It is colorful
It has a lot of colors
There are animals
-Sen (4-2-2012) Flowers blossoms pink
They are pretty blossoms
I like almonds
-Eliza (4-2-2012) It has small branches
They are so bright in the light
It is colorful
-Ryan (4-2-2012) I like almond bids
They have a lot of colors
They are beautiful
-Tristan (4-2-2012) Very colorful
Complementary colors
It has some texture
-Grant (4-2-2012) Baby almond branch
Pink almond blossom sparkles
Light almond blossom
-Sophia (4-2-2012) Very Beautiful
Almond branches are twisting
Flowers bright and white
-Kyla (4-2-2012) They big almond branch
The beautiful almond branch
The brown almond branch
-Jesse (4-2-2012) Little almond branch
Little almond branch looks good
I like almond buds
-Myles (4-2-2012) Beautiful Picture
The most amazing painting
Blue pretty picture
-Ellie (4-2-2012) The little almond branch
The biggest almond branches
The tiny almond
-Jake (4-2-2012) It is beautiful
It is a beautiful branch
It has pink and brown
-Ella (4-2-2012) The pink almond tree
I want a pink almond tree
I need it for me
-Adam (4-2-2012) Pretty almond branch
Yes so pretty in the light
So pretty it is
-Brad (4-2-2012) They are so pretty
They are pretty in the sun
They are beautiful
-Katherine (4-2-2012) Almond Blossoms nice
They are soft and delightful
They are there for me
-Jack (4-2-2012) They blossoms are nice
They shine in the pretty light
They are soft and light
-Samantha (4-4-2012) Gleaming everywhere
Sparkling on the branches
They are beautiful
-Sadie (4-2-2012) Melancholia
Almond blossoms, blooming creams
Small the new season
-JJ (3-31-2012) Insanity Blooms
Strokes turbulent violet eyes
With seasons passing
-Stephen (3-27-2012)) Paint a dance, Vincent
Of perfect imperfection:
Old soul budding life!
-Patty (3-30-2012) Pretty flowers bloom
On a sea of aqua sky
Reaching high to grow
-Esther (3-30-2012) The breeze on my skin
Wind nestles through the white trees
Being here is calm
-Maddy (3-31-2012) On a field of blue
Small white flowers sit neatly
On fragile branches
-Zach (3-31-2012) Fields of yellow, green
Blossoms vibrate in the sun
Would that there was clam
-Clyde (3-30-2012) Long branches starching
To the sky, blooming in white
A nephews painting
-Julia (3-31-2012) A lovely blue sky
White flowers bloom all around
They sing about spring
-Caroline (3-30-2012) Wandering lost man
Brilliant inspirations
heading souls to light
-Dun (3-24-2012) Les fleurs sont estrelles
Dans le unicerse de nature
Attendents pendant le mort
-Blanche (3-24-2012) Simmering turquoise
Force of nature, of color
Draws you in, and out
-Anonymous White petals dancing
Jostled by gentle zephyrs
Rejoicing in spring
-Barbara (3-23-2012) New bloom, family tree
A gift to little Vincent
And all humanity
-Robert (3-20-2012) Luscious white petals
Floating across the blue sky
Dance without a care
-Ceridwen (3-31-2012) Almond blossom tree
Feel the wind in your branches
Light blue, dark blue, pink
-Margaret (4-1-2012) The almond blossoms
On a field of turquoise sky
New life for the earth
-Anonymous Blue back drop I see
Blooming blossoms of a tree
Reminds me of spring
-Jacob (3-31-2012) For his brother's son
A sun-blue sky and blossoms,
A small Vincent's gift
-Deborah (3-30-2012) His art is timeless
Beauty, inspiring awe,
to the beholder
-Cherie (4-1-2012) A new life begins
Spring celebrates excited
Rejoice the spirit
-Dorothy ( 3-31-2012) Tender Almond buds
Drifting in a sea called sky
Branches connect them all
-Paritosh (3-30-2012) Beautiful flowers
Happy, graceful, sign of spring
Colorful, sweet scent
-Lily (3-30-2012) Almond blossom hope
Fragile arms flung toward the sky
Blue and green falling
-William (3-30-2012) Drops of golden light
Twinkle on thin almond stems
Enchanting the soul
-Diane (3-30-2012) Homage to a boy
Bearing his name and bloodline
Sublime gift of love
-Lisa (4-1-2012) Wooden, brown, paper
The wise trees I read under
Wooden, brown, paper
-Ellie (4-5-2012) Glorious blue sky
Rejoicing baby Vincent
New light love today
-Nancy (4-5-2012) Blossoms bring more joy
Spring showers bring more flowers
Take time to enjoy
-Mary (4-5-2012) Laugh of my nephew
Bubbling into the blue
Catching the sunshine
-Marianne (4-5-2012) Laying on the grass
Looking at the clear blue sky
I am so happy
-Sarah (4-4-2012) Blossoms like snowfall
Still, on backdrop of azure
The joy of new life
-Laura (4-5-2012) Quiet spring moment
Life proclaims blossoms speak
Nature's purity
-Karen (4-5-2012) Life jumps out at us
The breeze, the flowers, a son
Perfect happiness
-Fred (4-5-2012) Where Amsterdam meets
City of Brotherly Love
The perfect spring day
-Katy (4-5-2012) A fan of blossoms
Blooms across the azure sky
Bright emblem of spring
-Emily (4-5-2012) Spring sprinkles sunlight
In yellow intricacies
Etch erratic joy
-Nancy (3-24-2012) It makes me feel cool
It makes me feel happy now
It makes me feel smart
-Rachel (3-25-2012) Hearts blossom early
The brush whispers their beauty
His hymn to this life
-Lisa (3-24-2012) The blue sky seeps through
The golden blossoms of life
Soar the world revolves
-Marc (3-24-2012) Flowers on the tree
Smiling down on you and me
Spring is here to stay
-Ginger (3-24-2012) The cool, bright blue sky
Towering above flowers
As pretty as always
-Lily (3-24-2012) Creamy spring blossoms
Floating on graceful branches
Swaying to summer
-Lynn (3-24-2012) Blossoms, delicate
Outstretched fragility
Strong vulnerability
-Lisa Maria (3-24-2012) Blooming adventure
Like birds in flight in the sky
Beginning new life
-Kathryn (3-24-2012) The white blossoms bloom
Branches growing more and more
Almond blossoms grow
-Amelia (3-25-2012) Vincent loved to paint
Almond blossoms on the tree
Vivid yet serene
-Donna (3-24-2012) Tiny white petals
Small, brownish, tall, skinny bark
Always growing up
-Rina (3-25-2012) Wisps of white blossoms
Jagged branches each corner
Endless blue heavens
-Lewis (3-25-2012) I could fall into
The aquamarine sky and
Float my cares away
-Cassandra (3-25-2012) Rejoice dear brother
Your child is born, the future
Rises before us
-Judy (3-25-2012) Gnarled green branches
Reaching toward the endless sky
Soft creamy petals
-John (3-25-2012) Vincent loved flowers
Sky, branches, petals, and moss
Seems he knew some peace
-Tia (3-25-2012) Reaching for the sky
Flowers enveloped by sun
Joy is in his heart
-Anne (3-25-2012) Flowing branches in
The wind that sway back and forth
With pretty flowers
-Kyla (3-25-2012) New blue sky above
Baby Vincent born to love
Branches, hold him close!
-Kathleen (3-25-2012) Fresh and vibrant blues
Fill my heart with happiness
Can't be reproduced
-Mary (3-25-2012) New blooms in the Spring
A promise of renewal…
To sustain new fruit
-Suzanne (4-1-2012) Sweet butter blossoms
Afloat a whimsical air
Calm my dreaming soul
-Bree (3-29-2012) News of a nephew
Breaks upon my solitude
Like a blooming tree
-Marian (3-29-2012) Simple but complex
Colorful flowers of joy
Filled with enigma
-Tom (3-29-2012) Reaching to the sky
Flowers climb up toward heaven
Twisting through sea blue
-Deborah (3 -29-2012) Arms reaching eastward
Beckoning in tranquil blue
A gift for all time
-Jill (3-30-2012) White flowers blossom
Against the beautiful sky
Happiness in bloom
-Maddie (3-30-2012) Endless sky above
Brilliant colors scatter high
Visions for all time
-Kim (3-30-2012) All are born through pain
Blossoms fall to seed anew
And we die to live
-Arne (3-29-2012) How lovely
The scent, the look
The tranquility
-Anonymous Standing here with you
I feel a sense of wonder
Beauty lies within
-Eric (4-1-2012) True luminescence
This is a resonation
A gift for celebration
-William (3-27-2012) Missing horizon
Shimmering greens, blues, and cream
Isolated calm
-Phil (3-26-2012) The bright clear blue sky
Petals swaying in the wind
Peaceful for the soul
-Tyler (3-27-2012) Beautiful painting
Amazing art from van Gogh
Flowers among us
-Ainsley (3-27-2012) A pretty blue sky
Blossoms and branches abound
Sweet smelling flowers
-Daisy (3-27-2012) First little blossom
Spreads out its white soft petals
The branches sway lightly
-Emily (3-27-2012) Fragile dawn of spring
Brief cloak of barren landscape;
Soothes the dulled soul
-Sam (3-24-2012) Lovely blossoms say
"Hello Dear van Gogh baby"
And sigh so sweetly
-Lorraine (3-28-2012) Spirits soar
From the joyous news
New life begins
-Lauren (3-28-2012) Life is throbbing
Everything has a soul
Enjoy while alive
-Elyoueta (3-28-2012) The cherry tree blooms
Beside the ancient Temple
Sanctifying all
-Anonymous Spring blossoms here
Summer is near
Color abounds with joy
-Pat (3-28-2012) Backgrounds alive as
Iris, poppy, and wheat
Nature understood
-Arlene (3-28-2012) Flowers start to bloom
Rain drops from the blue sky
Wind blew the branches
-Emma (3-28-2012) Almond blossoms true
With love from Uncle Vincent
Joy for you nephew
-Wendy (3-28-2012) Tiny little flowers
Yellow golden brown
Leaves fall without sound
-Reveea (3-23-2012) Beautiful flowers
Delightful picture of art
Joyful and happy
-Elizabeth (3-23-2012) As pale as her face
And as bright blue as her eyes
I feel her nature
-Amy (3-23-2012) Light, airy, reaching
Waiting, blossoming for flight
Whispering to sky
-Pico (3-23-2012) Soft petals, sharp bark
Growing up and branching out
On cerulean
-Viola (3-23-2012) I bloom in the spring
Pluck me, show me with your love
Sit with me now please
-Kit (3-23-2012) Dappled light in bloom
Creates an infinity
Branches line the sky
-Victoria (3-23-2012) Up! Up in the sky
Oh to be a blossom high
In van Gogh blue. Sigh!
-Anonymous So, so beautiful
Blossoms popping up here, there
Dappled in sunlight
-Lyndia (3-23-2012) I dream of Heavens
Inspiration to my soul
So I live once more
-Jamie (3-24-2012) White flowers blossom
Branches rise in the blue light
Sweetened scent fills air
-Anastasia (3-24-2012) Beautiful flowers
Cream petals flowing free
Gorgeous to look at
-Jane (3-24-2012) Electric blue hues
Contrast with light airy blooms
Welcoming new life
-Mariel (3-24-2012) White flowers on blue
Fragile heralds of springtime
Luminous beauty!
-Linda (3-24-2012) Reaching to the sky
The blossoming branches burst
In celebration
-Joanna (3-24-2012) Inspirational
Profoundly talented man
Haunted by demons
-Andi (3-24-2012) It makes me feel cool
It makes me feel happy, now
It makes me feel smart
-Rachel (3-25-2012) Snow petal blizzard
Dancing drifting falling down
Erased by the sun
-Anna (3-25-2012) Wind whispers to tress
Beauty fills almond blossoms
Stars against the sky
-Leah (3-25-2012) Reaching for the sky
Flowers enveloped by sun
Joy is in his heart
-Anne (3-25-2012) Celebrating life
His brother has a new son
Happiness there is
-Gil (3-25-2012) Arms reaching outward
Upwards towards the blue
Blooming in my heart
-Nancy (3-25-2012) Dancing white blossoms
Send joy to baby Vincent
Lovely little child
-Michele (3-23-2012) Loving a nephew
Inspirations blossom
A beauty is made
-Ella (3-25-2012) Almonds in full bloom
Float across a field of blue
For his new nephew
-Jeremy (3-25-2012) Drawn by spring breezes
Guided by gentle sunbeams
Glorious blooms wake
-Noel (3-25-2012) Serenity tree
Twisting branches, green and brown
Watch your flowers bloom
-Lucianna (3-25-2012)

Responses to Van Gogh's 'Iris' The rain is falling
Clouds heavy thunder roaring
My tears, heart and sighs
-Anonymous Some blooming flowers
Are painted on the canvas
Some inside the man
-Stephen (3-11-2012) A tortured genius
Who saw life through his own eyes
Left his gifts for us.
-Donnie (3-10-2012) Sharp green leaves wave
Brilliant blue iris bursts out
Spring dances anew
-Rebecca (2-29-2012) I don't want the world
To see me cause I don't think
That they'd understand
-Taylor (3-11-2012) Glowing in the sun
Colors in the peace of day
Sparkles in silence
-Brandon (3-10-2012) Sprouting from the ground
The iris up with no bound
It's bright colors burst
-Hawley Life, exalted, blooms
Fleeting joy, luminous blue
Reverie of one
-Joli (3-1-2012) Violet iris sways
Atop a delicate stem
In a spring meadow
-Sue (3-10-2012) Sun-kissed petals rise
Misery blooms in secret
The most tender touch
-Richard (3-10-2012) To love is to grow
To grow is to embrace change
I will change and live
-Eileen (3-10-2012) Eager paintbrush spears
Sap rushing warm toward the sun
Brushstrokes iris flame
-Karen (3-10-2012) Chartreuse and violet
Making her presence well known
Admired by us all
-Denise (3-10-2012) El viento le dio al cielo
La planta heso Amistad con la grarna
La paloma volo contra mi piel
-Gianni (3-11-2012) Green spring with flowers
Purple, yellow, blue, orange
All blooming greatly
-Matt (3-11-2012) Bright blue, so much life
The world is full of beauty
It's so very short
-Roger (3-9-2012) Beaming golden gaze
We look up, up, up! And bloom
Into a blue sun
-Kait (3-11-2012) Blue vibrating love
Stems and leaves sprouting abound
Green carpet blanket
-Susan (3-11-2012) Wonderful beauty
A soul that knows how to love
Gone too young, too soon
-Larry (3-11-2012) Dazing Frenzy
Exhilarating, Peaking
Exhausted, soothed
-Betsy (3-11-2012) Beautiful purple
Reaching for the sky and sun
Nature's bounty loved
-Shirley (3-11-2012) Trapped inside the frame
Tilted ground, high horizon,
Still life trembles, near
-Perry (3-10-2012) Earth bound iris strives
To reach up and touch distant
Brilliant summer sky
-Angela (3-11-2012) Beautiful blue bloom
Rising up above the ground
Yellow buds join in
-Ronya (3-1-2012) Beautiful nature-
We are one-
In love and nature
-Rosemary Tall stems hold the blooms
Blue petals, green grass reach out
The colors explode
-Robert (3-11-2012) Beautiful Iris
How I love your colorful
Blossoms in springtime
-Becky (3-15-2012) Irises aflame
Radiant waves like lightning
Ah, true beauty
-Michael (3-16-2012) Some look, some wander
Made to sway, some to ponder
Transient but true
-David (3-16-2012) Vibrating rhythms
Luminous purple petals
Van Gogh's Iris blooms
-Suzanne (3-16-2012) Shimmering green blades
Blossoms carpeting, the grass
Greeting morning light
-Phyllis (3-16-2012) Generous painter
Making life where none exists
Gentle flowering
-Michael (3-16-2012) Each brushstroke unique
That heavenly blue flower
Together they grow
-Lauren (3-16-2012) Purple iris blooms
Greeted by the morning sun
Outside my window
-Chris (3-16-2012) Blue sits atop green
Rooted in color a splash
Leaves, grass, sun and sky
-Nancy (3-16-2012) Wild insanity
Capturing fleeting beauty
Life seen and escaped
-Michael (3-16-2012) Nurtured by the earth
Rising up to great and wave
Purple majesty
-Karen (3-16-2012) Henceforth, dear Vincent
All our garden irises
Shall whisper you name
-Christine (3-17-2012) Blue is like water
Take your mind away today
Green like the spring grass
-Emileigh (3-17-2012) Flowers in the spring
Blooming up high in April
Oh how I love spring
-William (3-17-2012) This is an iris
It was painted by van Gogh
Pure and beautiful
-Lucy (3-17-2012) Iris seeming calm
Explosion of grass behind
this is not still life
-Dana (3-17-2012) Catching the color
Marveling at the beauty
Back to the streetscape
-Steve (3-17-2012) Pretty blue petals
blossoming from an iris
Sunlight through the day
-Louise (3-17-2012) Expression of life
Pure beauty in a picture
Of G-dâ•˙s perfect creation
-Michelle (3-18-2012) Blue catches my eye
Iris blooming on the wall
How awe inspiring
-Dawn (3-18-2012) Purple Irises
Swaying softly in the wind
Against a green sea
-Heather (3-18-2012) Embracing nature
An explosion of colors
Beauty is within
-Cindy (3-20-2012) Warm is the color
Strength in vivid form reigns
Truth is sustained here
-Ben (3-20-2012) Bliss to reach out now
Toward the golden sky
Free from winter's sleep
-Peg (3-21-2012) Burst of blue blossom
Reaching toward snow white clouds
Stirring hearts to song
-Alice (3-21-2012) Blue blooming beauties
Along the green, grassy path
Please don't ever wilt
-Chandler (3-21-2012) Lovely purple bid
Looking up into the sun
Welcoming the spring
-Jennifer (3-21-2012) Vibrantly growing
Colors blend in harmony
Breath-taking beauty
-Courtney (3-21-2012) Blooms of violet
Spears of green textured rhythm
Nature's fragrant tune.
-Peggy (3-14-2012) Forever love life
Nature is a perfection
Always be grateful
-Ellie (3-14-2012) Delicate flower
Lovely light, purple and green
His singular gift.
-Margaret (3-13-2012) Spiral reaching blue
Radiating green vibrate
Purples in repose
-Yronne (3-13-2012) Inside full and thick
Color, movement, spirit, heat
Clash against your soul
-Steve (3-13-2012) Draw us into you
Change maker of light
Oh so quickly lost
-James (3-13-2012) Sway fragile giant
Thirsting for the sun's nectar
Share they silent art
-Frances (3-13-2012) Tiny squares on walls
Windows to other places
Teleporting me.
-Fred (3-15-2012) Exploding in life
Heartbeat of Vincent Van Gogh
Expression breathing
-Tammy (3-14-2012) Honoring the sun
Warm underground mystery
Love's purple pulses
-Lucrezia (3-14-2012) Light and color
Renew visual delight
Now and forever
-Cheryl (3-14-2012) Oh perfect Iris
Though you grow among the weeds
You are untainted
-Diana (3-15-2012) We are growing up
Looking up to our future
We strive for greatness
-Frances (3-15-2012) Radiation of hope
Life pulsating within me
Serenity here
-Dawn (3-15-2012) Gem of the meadow
Seeking freedom from limits
Joyful bursting glow
-Katherine and Mommy (3-14-2012) The pulses of life
Each abrupt brushstroke dances
Reaches from canvas
-Timothy (3-13-2012) The neck of a swan
Its mighty bloom flares upward
Tribute to the sun
-Sarah (3-13-2012) Life by all means is
Live one day at a time in joy
Show all your beauty
-William (3-11-2012) How to describe a
Petal, spear, leaf, bud, and grass
With just eyes and hands.
-Dawn (3-15-2012) Rich strokes of color
Purple, lavender, yellow
Blooms shoot from green growth
-Holly (3-13-2012) Swept by the brushstrokes
Color rushing rushing in
Drinking in the art
-Lois (3-13-2012) Royal hue unfurled
Forever for all to see
Earth in its beauty
-B. Fitzgerald (3-13-2012) Squeezed from a tube of blue
By the sun's cadmium eye
Planted in the green
-Matthew (3-15-2012) Iris in the grass
How beautiful it can be
How graceful it is
-Sean (3-13-2012) The purple Iris
Van Gogh immortalized you
In paint and in time
-Kelly (3-11-2012) Sun and soil join force
Pouring into me their life
Fragile stems erect
-Nancy (3-14-2012) Agitated strife
Violet gashes of color
Moving energy
-Sarah (3-13-2012) Vibrant landscapes move
Swirling colors show torment
Vincent gone too soon
-Donna (3-13-2012) Life, Vibrant and pure
Pushing toward the blue sky
Too soon to be dead.
-Bill (3-10-2012) Outward expulsion
Blossoming from the earth
Boundless, freeing life
-Elizabeth (3-10-2012) Life explodes in art
Hues of green and violet
Feel the excitement
-Mary (3-2-2012) Blooming in the ground
All the purple flowers lift
Toward the shining sun
-Lilly (3-2-2012) How vast the landscape
The waving grass in the field
The iris stands still
-Petra (3-3-2012) Dandelions grow
In a place of solitude
As irises dance
-Gabriella (3-2-2012) Lavender blossoms
Happily dancing, swaying
Embracing each day
-Winkie (2-29-2012) Buds watch their bold friend
Proudly showing her beauty
Ready to join soon
-Andrea (3-3-2012) Peace found in nature
forms my heart and soul as one
Let nature guide you
-Erin (3-3-2012) Push out of the green
Purple blossom lifts skyward
Gentle nature dances
-Marsha (3-3-2012) Eternal Promise
Growing, reaching, and hoping
Renewal and joy
-Kristen (3-3-2012) Radiating blades
Bursting hues of life reborn
Yearning sky and sun
-S. Israel (3-2-2012) Sunshine warms the earth
Iris flowers like jewels,
gleam like sapphires
-Sophia (3-10-12) Green is the color,
Blue is the accent of life,
Together they grow.
-Ryan (3-10-2012) Iris abound here
Beautiful, blooming garden
Show us your beauty
-Lisa (3-10-2012) Blue flowers green stalks
Turn Proudly toward the sun
Opening our hearts.
-Anonymous Green blades over ground
Purple petals open bright
Combine a delight
-Joan (3-10-2012) The iris is blue
Is it missing you like me
Lonely in the spring
-Michele (3-10-2012) Short choppy brushstrokes
The purple iris breaks through
window framing life
-Robin (3-10-2012) Winter is waning
Warm gusts stirring pink blossoms
Against green leaves
-Beth and David (3-10-2012) The strokes of color
Motivates us through the room
Blossoms bloom in Blue
-Tracey and Diane (3-9-2012) Lunacy of light
Dizzy in a dress of color
Cling to refuge here
-Matt (3-11-2012) Radiant Flowers
The gentle breeze of summer
My life is complete
-Andrew (3-8-2012) Vi'let Vibrations
Energy of greens around
The world is Alive!
-Victoria (3-8-2012) Verdantly alive
Stalks of purple passion bloom
Celebrating life.
-Sarah (3-6-2012) Royal loyal blue
Rising above all the rest
Kingly as it sways
-Ramy (3-6-2012) So filled with life
The master's hand has shown us
Eternal beauty.
-Mary (3-7-2012) Shades of blue and green
Seen in a world never seen
Van Gogh never gone
-John A turbulent mind
Immersed in nature
Yields such beauty
-Maureen (3-7-2012) I hide in the shade
Dancing blind in the meadow
Find me in your love
-Jessica (3-7-2012) Color flies from ground
Brain intermediary
The brush swirls round
-Ann (3-6-2012) Green leaves spike upwards
Energy of light pulses
Purple bloom delights!
-Terry (3-7-2012) Flowers are dancing
Green leaves are stretching their arms
The garden will dance
-Kate (3-7-2012) Wild and crazy
An art museum field trip
New knowledge blossoms
-Vincent (3-8-2012) Purple iris dance
Bend and sway to songs of wind
Spring is here again.
-Ruth (3-9-2012) Beautiful spirit
Freedom of mind's expression
Movement, Life's colors.
-Donna (3-8-2012) Energetic life!
Big and full vitality!
Light, dark all is life!
-Anonymous Tormented painter
Green, yellow, white, and purple
Calmed by the iris
-Gail (3-8-2012) Blue-throated song
Echoing notes of root-fingers
Playing earth's music
-Natalia (3-5-2012) Irises in spring
Unfurl their splendor to share
And inspire us
-Micah (3-4-2012) Attention is drawn
Purple petals grasp the light
A view is captured
-George (3-1-2012) A living life breath
Rippled in motion and joy
Singing in beauty
-Saskia (3-1-2012) With a downward glance
Eyes catch an iris blue and
Remember beauty
-Emily (3-2-2012) Blue green wide petals
Open to fiery yellow
Audacious nature
-Meg (3-2-2012) Purple peacefully
Playing perpetually
Pleasing the people
-Nancy (3-3-2012) Violet blooms stretch open
Reaching, striving, unfurling
Bursting into life
-Jamie (3-3-2012) Did this painting cheer
Your cold and anguished heart, oh
It must have worked
-Andrea (3-3-2012) Bright presentation
Shines in my wandering eye
Pulling me closer
-Lizzie (3-3-2012) Rain of green pouring
Snakes of flowers rising
Quietly roaring
-Don (3-4-2012) Blue and violet
Vibrant strong summer Iris
Fresh dandelion
-William (3-4-2012) Blue and green so tall
Calling and greeting to all
The sunlight brings joy
-Marlene (3-4-2012) Blue eyes are open
After cold months of slumber
Peering at new life
-Sarah (3-4-2012) Flowers, paint, canvas
Tortured, demons you may say
Genius or genie?
-Mike (3-1-2012) Sentinels arise
Possessing blue hues of light
Everlasting strength
-Reema (3-4-2012) I see the flowers
As they are gently growing
On a warm spring day
-Lillien (3-4-2012) A common Iris
Acquires immortality
With van Gogh's brush strokes
-Peter (3-2-2012) I am here paint me
My beauty is fleeting
I am here for you
-Terri (3-2-2012) The movement of spring
forever in time is caught
We see what he saw
-Jessica (3-2-2012) Blue iris so blue
Intensity in motion
I love this painting
-Hannah (3-3-2012) Blue soldiers wait to
See the spring come in time to
Go back home again
-Andrea (3-3-2012) Leaves in the ground grow
They germinate from the earth
Reaching for the sky
-Elizabeth (3-3-2012) A flower in time
Captured in the morning mist
Has gone away forever
-Jay (3-2-2012)

Responses to Van Gogh's 'Rain' Depressing grey day
Needing the warmth and color
The sun be unbound!
-Doug (4-20-2012) Between earth and eye
Beyond pain, untouchable
Rain invading spring
-Jeanne (4-22-2012) A tortured mind makes
Lovely images that dance
In our captive hearts
-Mike (4-27-2012) Falling are my tears
Disguised by the falling rain
Wash away my fears
-Angelina (4-30-2012) Heavy drops of rain
Crying for me and my heart
Crying for my thoughts
-Windie (4-30-2012) One with rainmaker
Consciousness in every drop
Window to my soul
-Kate (4-30-2012) Beyond barred windows
Rain falls upon open fields
Van Gogh paints freedom
-Martha (4-30-2012) Pitter, Patter rain
You see it on the window
Blurs the view I see
-Connor (4-30-2012) View from a window
Raindrops hit the well worn path
Hide the bars I see
-Tara (4-31-2012) Rain pours on the field
Nourishing all that drinks it
Thirsts are quenched once more
-Dotty (5-1-2012) Down the valleys of
My fingers to my paint brush
Streaks on the canvas
-Judith (5-2-2012) Skies and hills of grey
Below planted fields growing
Rain drops feel my pain
-Lauren (5-2-2012) Oh wretched gray day
I need the warmth of the sun
Show me your colors
-Doug (4-20-2012) Depressing gray day
Needing the warmth and color
The sun be unbound!
-Doug (4-20-2012) Rain pours down in streaks—
Van Gogh has painted his view—
Window or mirror?
-Kathleen (4-27-2012) Out of his window
A mud trail meandering
Alone in his thoughts
-Carol (4-27-2012) Water droplets fall
They are strong and powerful
Beating at the ground
-Emily (4-29-2012) Falling on the Earth
Ground gives way to Heaven's tears
Earth and sky as one
-Alexander (4-28-2012) Run don't waste the day
Think of the rain cleansing you
As you breathe deeply.
-Lora (4-28-2012) Streaking, streaming rain
Dripping, dropping, blurry rain
Cool moist earthy rain
-Tina (4-28-2012) A prison of mind
Captured in paint and canvas
Ponder the cell bars
-Ed (4-28-2012) Drenching Rain on Grass—
Hues of gold, silvers, and brass—
Poetry on canvas
-Neil & Mita (04-18-2012) Soft rain, tears removed
Passion emotions exposed
Or simply revealed
-Phyl Rain hitting the ground
Peeking through the window glass
I stare at the scene
-Kelly (4-29-2012) Rain drops fall and fall
They absorb into ground life.
Flourishing it grows
-Natalya (4-29-2012) Storm rage on as I
Will not be denied beauty
Seen by me, outside
-Dr. Jim (4-29-2012) Landscape of rain drops
Blurring my field of vision
Refresh my senses
-Sandra (4-29-2012) Shades of mind grey
Projected on landscape
Into fading mist
-Laura (4-29-2012) Vincent paints knowing
That the colors of rain feed
Sunflowers colors
-Jim (4-29-2012) Rain is my holy,
Cleansing force, unleashing love
Into hopeful souls
-Annie (4-29-2012) Falling, moving rain
Is it the rain falling down
Or the tears' presence?
-Camille (4-28-2012) Tranquility felt
From the sky above it falls
Bringing life to earth
-Rosana (4-29-2012) Green fields washed anew
Into every life rain falls
-Anonymous Vincent's gloomy view
Rain streaking down the window
What was he thinking?
-Carolyn (4-27-2012) Oh Vincent alone
Splashing color across minds
Still not seeing love.
-May Van Gogh a master
Of emotion, paint, light
A painting of rain
-Anonymous Rain like window bars
I see beyond them to green
But the rain will cease
-Macire (4-7-2012) Whisk me far away
To a land of blue and grey
Standing still in awe
-Josh (2-21-2012) Rain, falling softly
Drenching the barren wheat field
Silently whispers
-Liz (4-21-2012) A grey rainy day
The rain is like prison bars
Forcing me inside
-Anonymous (4-21-2012) Oh the inner pain
Inspired by the sound of rain
Inspires my painting
-Anita (4-21-2012) Dark clouds on the hill
Pouring rain that makes me feel
A new day until…
-Soma (4-21-2012) Look, it is raining
My, the rain falls down so hard
The clouds are crying
-Morgan (4-21-2012) The cold wet earth swells
The gloom weighs down heavily
A new green seed sprouts
-Amy (4-21-2012) The rain splatters down
Hard onto the muddy field
Earth's tears of mourning
-Cassie (4-21-2012) Silence falling deep
Pastures purple, blue, and green
Peaceful water still
-Anita (4-21-2012) Rain falls on the field
The world awakens again
And life blooms anew
-Terry (4-21-2012) A misty curtain
Clouds my vision and my mood
Only for a while
-Stacie (4-22-2012) Cold rain streaks the glass
Glimpse of summer framed in stone
Blurs the muddy path
-Stephen (4-22-2012) Rain still and quiet
Falling gently on the field
I'm alone with Rain
-Beth (4-22-2012) Rain falls, dark and grey
‘Cross the sea of green and brown
Streaking the cold bars
-Zachery (4-22-2012) The rain is falling
The world surrounded in blue
The soft ground may drink
-Alexandra (4-24-2012) Rain covered fields
Bursting with seeds of new life
The cycle completes
-Nantamba (4-24-2012) Forceful moving lines
Fast raindrops coming on ground
It is fun to see
-Reid (4-23-2012) In a solemn field
Rain graces the grass below
In the bout of spring
-Rachel & Mom (4-24-2012) The black rain slashes
Cold. Loud, hard against the earth
Bringing life anew
-Mary (4-24-2012) I feel imprisoned
As I look out my window
I want to run free
-Cecilia (4-24-2012) Streaking streams of rain
I hear it on his window
I see how he sees
-Celia (4-24-2012) Drops hit my window
I'm feeling a sense of calm
The glory of Earth!
-Jayna (4-24-2012) The rain gently cries
Nourishing the dry ground while
Shredding mournful tears
-Haley (4-24-2012) Rain falling on wheat
Serenity appears here
Joyful to behold
-Estelle (4-25-2012) Joy and sorrow mixed
Vincent we hear your voices
Falling softly now
-M. Maguire (4-25-2012) The Rain falls softly
On my lost and lonely soul
In search of its Home
-Diane (2-23-2012) Under the harsh rain
Green field slide slowly downward
Grove edges to empty sky
-Dennia (2-26-2012) Anxiety seems
So beautiful on canvas
If it is not yours
-Glenn (2-25-2012) I am misery
Darkness lingers forever
Yet the sun will shine
-Kobe (2-19-2012) Van Gogh's hand to brush
Brings life to a blank canvas
Like rain to a field
-Maureen (2-19-2012) Allow the wonder
Of existence beyond self
To seep and streak in
-Arlene (2-28-2012) Streaks of pain
And dispair reaching toward Peace
Struggling for calm
-Eleanore (2-28-2012) Forceful moving lines
Pull me out into the rain
Outside looking in
-Becca (2-10-2012) A wall of rain drops
Soften the edges of a
Sometimes harsh, rough world
-Laura (2-18-2012) Rain unrelenting
Field tame beyond passion view
Contained too sad to move
-Sue (2-25-2012) The Rain falls softly
On my lost and lonely soul
In search of its Home
-Diane (2-23-2012) Under the harsh rain
Green field slide slowly downward
Grove edges to empty sky
-Dennia (2-26-2012) Anxiety seems
So beautiful on canvas
If it is not yours
-Glenn (2-25-2012) I am misery
Darkness lingers forever
Yet the sun will shine
-Kobe (2-19-2012) Van Gogh's hand to brush
Brings life to a blank canvas
Like rain to a field
-Maureen (2-19-2012) Allow the wonder
Of existence beyond self
To seep and streak in
-Arlene (2-28-2012) Streaks of pain
And dispair reaching toward Peace
Struggling for calm
-Eleanore (2-28-2012) Forceful moving lines
Pull me out into the rain
Outside looking in
-Becca (2-10-2012) A wall of rain drops
Soften the edges of a
Sometimes harsh, rough world
-Laura (2-18-2012) Rain unrelenting
Field tame beyond passion view
Contained too sad to move
-Sue (2-25-2012) Pure and gentle drops
Refreshing each blade of grass
Caressing the earth
-Judy (2-18-2012) Streaking bright flashes
Splatter on the thirsty field
A grateful earth drinks
-Amelia, Becky, Kathy (2-12-2012) Only when it rains
Do I feel what nature
Wanted me to feel.
-Foster (2-18-2012) There are no bars here
When the soft rain falls outside
And my soul escapes
-Maurice (2-18-2012) Unrelenting rain
So bringing life to the land
His tears streaming down
-Candy (2-18-2012) I am inside me
I am sad, want to be free
Rain take me away
-Miguel (2-18-2012) Gazing out windows
See the world beyond your life
Freed from your deep pain
-Isabelle (2-19-2012) Dark cold rain shivers
The countryside slants and rolls
Pouring sadness wide
-Lindsey (2-11-2012) Quiet contemplation
Of the falling rain and his
Own inner sadness
-Beth (2-24-2012) Temperamental mind
Like a bird with a hurt wing
Fragile, yet tough, strong
-Anonymous As I look and see
Me running free
To a better me
-Anonymous (2-11-2012) Looking through a world
You see beauty and nature
Why can't others see?
-Ryan (2-17-2012) Trapped inside myself
I look out and wonder how
I can see inside
-G. Bailey (2-24-2012) Rain drift down the road
Let me watch your beauty flow
Nature is alive
-Flora (2-25-2012) There is always rain
To nourish and inspire
To give like and joy
-Ray (2-26-2012) Renewed by water
We stand ready to bring forth
Color to our world
-Susanne (2-26-2012) Peer inward, not out
Can my soul be this dreary?
Forever hopeful
-Bruce (2-25-2012) The rain runs sideways
The hills are oh so distant
What a sense of peace
-Emily (2-25-2012) Only in watching
Rain can one become truly
Fluid in thought
-Diane (2-25-2012) Viewing sodden fields
Seen through the bars of my room
To be free like rain
-Lynn (2-25-2012) Rain is an event
Seeds germinate and the
Grass grows with new life.
-L. Coso (2-14-2012) Love the tapping rain
Falling on the hungry seeds
Blooms in spring will come.
-Cynthia L. (2-14-2012) Grey raindrops falling
Orderly fields stretch beyond
Outside the window.
-Susa (2-15-2012) Drawn by the colors
Yet the nail marks make me feel
Vincent's complex soul.
-Rai (2-15-2012) Dreary falling rain
Mountains, overcast, distance
Quenches thirst of grass
-Joanna (2-11-2012) Like a grainy film
I am reminded of the
Storms inside and out
-Kris (2-12-12) Going together
Falling with the dancing rain
Capturing the past
-Merry (2-11-2012) Falling wet madness
Yellow, grey, green, blue, white grass
Lonely abandoned
-Alison (1-11-2012) Surrendering all
My soul peers beyond windows
Can joy still return?
-Liz (2-11-2012) Dingy grey rainfall
Internal oppressive gloom
Captured in my room
-Joyce (2-12-12) Wonderful sadness
The sun is missing from here
On my own again
-Celeste (2-11-12) Luscious field open
With sweet raindrops falling yet
Behind cold bars I stay
-Emily (2-11-2012) We invite you to share your responses at the Haiku Station in the Education Corridor.


Philadelphia Museum of Art, February 1–May 6, 2012 (Dorrance Galleries)National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, May 25–September 3, 2012

Main Building


Joseph J. Rishel, The Gisela and Dennis Alter Senior Curator of European Painting before 1900, and Senior Curator of the John G. Johnson Collection and the Rodin MuseumJennifer A. Thompson, The Gloria and Jack Drosdick Associate Curator of European Painting and Sculpture before 1900 and the Rodin Museum

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