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The Sadelers: Engravers from the Golden Age of Antwerp and Prague

April 15–July 9, 1989

This exhibition features Flemish engravers, Jan, Raphael, and Aegidius Sadeler, who were prominent figures in the world of prints and book publishing in the late 16th century. Once well-established artists in Antwerp, they later worked in ducal courts in Cologne and Munich and even established a print publishing house in Venice. Organized by Dorothy Limouze with Ellen Jacobowitz, the show will be comprised of a selection of prints from The Berman Gift for European Prints, which contains a group of several hundred prints by the Sadeler family. Mounted in the Johnson Special Exhibitions Gallery of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the exhibition will include representative works by Jan and Raphael Sadeler and will focus on Aegidius, with a larger selection of prints illustrating all periods of his career.

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Dorothy Limouze
Ellen S. Jacobowitz

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