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The Arts of Korea: Selections from the Collection

May 5, 2005–June 25, 2006

The recent acquisition of major works of Korean painting, sculpture, ceramics, metalwork, lacquer, and furniture has provided the impetus for an expanded collection of the Museum's Korean art collections. Among the works on display is a cast iron sculpture of a tiger which probably once served as a guardian figure to ward off evil spirits. Similar sculptures in stone used to decorate ancient arched stone bridges in Korea.

Also featured in the collection are outstanding examples of Korean potter's art, including fine examples of celadon wares from the Koryŏ Dynasty (918–1392), and a rare dragon jar painted in underglaze iron-brown from the Chosŏn Dynasty (1392–1910).

Main Building


Dr. Felice Fischer • The Luther W. Brady Curator of Japanese Art and Curator of East Asian Art
Ariane Perrin • Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow for Korean Art

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