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Moving Pictures: Videos on AIDS

November 29–December 4, 1994

This two-hour program of videos was organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in recognition of World AIDS Day and Day Without Art, observances held each December 1 to commemorate the loss of family and friends to AIDS.

1. "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" (No Regret). Marlon T. Riggs. 1992. 38 minutes.
Through music, poetry and quiet self-disclosure, five HIV-positive black gay men speak of their individual confrontation with AIDS. Emmy Award-winner Riggs is best known for Tongues Untied, an exploration of the black gay male experience in America.

2. Fear of Disclosure. Phil Zwickler and David Wojnarovicz. 1989. 7 minutes.
A musical video that explores the implication of revealing to a potential lover that one is HIV-positive. Both makers were well-known New York artists and filmmakers.

3. The Second Epidemic. Amber Hollibaugh. 1988. 20 minutes.
A case study of how the town of Swansea, Massachusetts reacted to the presence of a young boy with AIDS in the midst of its community and school system.

4. Mildred Pearson: When You Love A Person. Yannick Durand. 1988. 9 minutes.
This video shows a mother’s struggle to understand that her son is gay, and to fight for treatment and care for him after learning that he is gravely ill.

5. They are lost to vision altogether. Tom Kalin. 1989. 13 minutes.
In Kalin's words, ”The tape attempts to reclaim eroticism and to address the contradictions of sexuality and romance in the face of a monolithic and culturally compulsory heterosexuality.“

6. (In) Visible Woman. Marina Alvarez and Ellen Spiro. 1991. 26 minutes.
Winner of Best Video at the 16th San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, this documentary focuses on the heroic and powerful response of three strong women of color.

7. Safe Sex Slut. Carol Leigh. 1988. 3 minutes.
Bay Area activist Carol Leigh is better known as Scarlot Harlot, an irreverent and tireless advocate for safer sex education for prostitutes. Here she offers the public a safe sex reminder in music video format.

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