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Marcel Duchamp: Videos by, about and with Marcel Duchamp

August 15–September 15, 1994


A Conversation with Marchel Duchamp (1956), 26 minutes
James Johnson Sweeney interviews Duchamp at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1955, the year after his works came to the Museum. Entr'Acte (1924), 15 minutes
In this classic Dada film written by the artist Francis Picabia, inanimate objects start to have a will of their own. The cast includes Picabia, Duchamp, Man Ray, and the composer Erik Satie. Marcel Duchamp in His Own Words (1978), 34 minutes
A review of Duchamp's life and work, with the artist's voice providing the film's narration. Anemic Cinema (1926), 3 minutes
This film by Duchamp, his only one, is a series of verbal and visual puns based upon his "Rotorelief" works.

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