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Francesco Clemente: Three Worlds

October 21–December 23, 1990

Francesco Clemente: Three Worlds brings together more than 100 works on paper--watercolors, pastels, gouaches, folding screens, and books--by the contemporary Italian artist Francesco Clemente. The exhibition reflects Clemente's interest in the cultures of Italy (where he was born), India (where he visits each year), and New York (where he now resides). Each of these "worlds" possesses its own sensibility. While working in Italy, Clemente is affected by the artistic genius of its ancient past. The mystical traditions of India and its cultural, racial, and religious diversity also attract him. In 1982, Clemente moved to New York, where he finds the cosmopolitan aspect of the city and its unique blend of "high" and "low" culture exhilarating. Known for his highly inventive, personal imagery often presented in a dreamlike, surrealist style, Clemente enjoys an international reputation as one of the most provocative and gifted young Italian painters. His superb command of draftsmanship and sumptuous use of color make his images compelling, however the personal nature of many of these images also lend them an alien, irrational aura. In many ways, the viewer cannot explain or understand Clemente's imagery, but is simply left to behold.


Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
Royal Academy of Arts, London

Main Building


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