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Downsizing the Image Factory

September 12–November 12, 1995

Downsizing the Image Factory is a touring program of American independent and experimental film and video organized originally by video artist Jason Simon for exhibition in France. This group of works presents what Simon calls "a fractured and chaotic accounting of American life as seen in and from its cracks and corners." The program consists of six, one-hour programs, named after arenas of domestic life: Food, Home, Music, Romance, Landscape, and Death. Downsizing the Image Factory spans a wide range of approaches including documentary, visual experimentation, and performance-based practices. It reflects an alternative understanding of American domestic culture along with a comprehensive view of contemporary work in video. Included are works by Paul McCarthy, Sally Fuchs, Michael Cho, Appalshop, Lana Lin, Nina Fonoroff, Carlos Aparicio and Susana Aikin, Raul Torres, Jem Cohen, Anne Torke, Rii Kanzaki and Bob Harris, Peter Callas, Julie Zando, Mike Kelly, Tom Kalin, Lisa Mann, Mindy Faber, Gregg Bordowitz, MICA TV and Dan Graham, Cecilia Condit, Chip Lord, Leslie Thornton and Ron Vawter, Baruch Rafic, Joe Gibbons, George Kuchar, and Bruce and Norman Yonemoto. Each of the six parts of Downsizing the Image Factory will play continuously for half a day so that the entire program will be shown over three days periods for the duration of the exhibition. This program is distributed by Drift Distribution, New York.

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