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American Frontiers: The Photographs of Timothy H. O'Sullivan, 1867-1874

October 3, 1981–January 3, 1982

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is working in cooperation with Mr. Joel Snyder of the University of Chicago to present the exhibition and publication American Frontiers: The Photographs of Timothy O'Sullivan. The exhibition, to be held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from October 3, 1981 to January 3, 1982, will be the first major exhibition devoted to O'Sullivan's photographs. It will include over 200 photographs from the work accomplished during the Civil War, the King and Wheeler expeditions to the American West, and the Selfridge expedition to Panama. The exhibition and publication will intensively explore the mind and travels of a photographer in relation to the severe hardships, dramatic changes, and vital explorations of his time.


Philadelphia Museum of Art
Sarah Campbell Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Florida
Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio

Main Building


Michael E. Hoffman
Martha Chahroudi
Joel Snyder

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