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Museum Studies 1: Sherrie Levine
October 23, 1993 - November 28, 1993
Beginning on October 23rd, the Museum will inaugurate its new program of contemporary projects, entitled "Museum Studies," with an unusual installation by the artist Sherrie Levine. The "Museum Studies" program is designed as an ongoing series of new works and installations created by artists specifically for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Sherrie Levine plans to exhibit six new sculptures in translucent white glass based on Brancusi's marble sculpture The Newborn in the Museum's collection. Each glass "head" will be displayed on top of a grand piano in the Museum's Great Stair Hall, a dramatic site that welcomes visitors entering from the city side of the building.


Ann Temkin
John B. Ravenal


Philadelphia Museum of Art
Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany
Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
Menil Collection, Houston
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

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