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Women's History Month at the PMA

Celebrating women’s stories from the past. Empowering our present and future.

Colorful illustration of Kara Walker, a black woman with black hair wearing a black top with white stars against an ivory backgroung with green palms; Zoe Strauss, a white woman with brown hair wearing a black top with a white colar holding a camera against an ivory background with pink clouds and stars; and María Izquierdo, a woman with tan skin and black hair wearing a pink caftan framed by pink curtains against an orange and green background.

Artwork by Manuela Guillén @lazybeamarte

Personal stories become powerful this Women’s History Month at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Throughout the month of March and beyond, we’re finding inspiration in women’s stories from the past to empower our collective future, celebrating creativity and intersectional identities in the process. Check out our exciting programs and events below.

Featured Artist

Manuela Guillén is a freelance painter, muralist, and digital illustrator currently living in Philadelphia, PA. Born in Miami to Cuban and Salvadorian immigrant parents, Manuela has always had a love for art. She has collaborated with local, national, and global art organizations such as PangeaSeed, Mural Arts Philadelphia, Gender Justice Fund, and more. Her murals can be found in both the U.S. and Mexico. Inspired by plants, tropical colors, and her cultural upbringing, Manuela aims to bring awareness to art education, mental health, sociopolitical, and environmental issues. As a teaching artist, Manuela hopes to inspire the next generation of artists to be creative as she continues to bring communities closer together through art.

Get inspired by Manuela's curated playlist. Listen now