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Standing Together

Black Lives Matter

From its formation, the Philadelphia Museum of Art was intended to be the civic institution for the city of Philadelphia. Over time, the meaning of what a civic institution is and who it is for it has expanded to be more inclusive than ever before, largely due to protests like the ones we have experienced the past few months. We are proud to serve as the rallying point for this civil disobedience, and we stand with all Philadelphians demanding an end to systematic racism in all areas of society, including museums.

Some of you have asked why we did not respond more quickly, and honestly it’s because we struggled with what to say. While museums are institutions with their own identities, they are run by people with very real thoughts and emotions about what we are seeing in the city and all over the country. While we usually utilize the website and social-media channels to share our collection, we felt that the weight of the moment required us to listen and let the voices of our neighbors, especially those who are African American, ring loudest.

If you love our museum and what we strive to stand for, we encourage you to listen to the voices of the people crying out for their country to recognize that Black Lives Matter.