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LGBTQ+ Pride at the PMA

Join us as we celebrate the queer art and artists represented in our collection.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month! We’re exploring and sharing the queer narratives threaded throughout our collection via newly available materials, such as the Queer(ing) Art audio tour and printed rack card, as well as new online content, such as a curated selection of works by queer artists. We look forward to welcoming you to a host of in-person and virtual events during the month of June, such as the GALAEI Queer Prom on June 10 and the Queer(ing) Art at the PMA members’ talk on June 23. We’re also flying the intersex-inclusive Progress Pride flag on our East Terrace (aka the Rocky Steps), proclaiming that the museum is an inclusive, safe space—we’re thrilled to have this symbol of community belonging in front of our building. We invite everyone to come as they are and discover the joy and empowerment art can provide.

Please note that we use the word “queer” in recognition of the LGBTQ+ community’s reclamation and celebration of the term, which has a history of being wielded as hate speech. We use the term inclusively because understandings of and vocabularies for gender and sexuality change over time and across cultures.