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Our galleries beckon with treasures from all corners of the globe, boasting works of art from pre-antiquity to the present day. So whether you’re searching for quiet contemplation or visual stimulation, whether you want to visit a favorite collection or discover a brand new installation, we offer over 200 galleries for you to explore and enjoy.


Philadelphia Collects Meiji
Galleries 241–243, 2nd floor
Discover highlights from four American collectors whose works in the Museum span the impressive craftsmanship of the Meiji period (1868–1912).

Diego Rivera: Frescoes
Black and Gallos Gallery 173, 1st floor
Experience two vibrant murals by Diego Rivera, both based on full-scale frescoes he had painted in his home country of Mexico.

Joan Miró
Gallery 181, 1st floor
“I want to assassinate painting.” With this radical declaration, Spanish painter Joan Miró revolted against traditional painting. Explore some of his most aggressively experimental works—or as he called them, “anti-paintings”—in this installation.

Baroque: The Art of Drama
Gallery 258, 2nd floor
Experience the grandeur and theatricality of the Baroque style. See how painters and sculptors of the 1600s incorporated dramatic forms and subjects into their work.

Bruce Nauman
Gallery 171, 1st floor
Contemporary artist Bruce Nauman has consistently questioned the definition of art, the structure of language, and the limits of perception. In this installation, explore a sampling of his work—from neon signs and video to fiberglass sculpture—which has influenced several generations of artists across the world.

The Art of the Peales
Flammer Gallery 102 and Galleries 107 & 109, 1st floor
Delight in our unparalleled collection of works by America’s first artistic dynasty, the Peale family. In this selection, see how the Peales captured family life, documented important figures of the day, and established the American still-life tradition.

Literati Pursuits: Chinese Paintings and Objects from the Scholar’s Study
Hollis Scholar’s Study 240 & 240a, 2nd floor
Explore our Chinese scholar’s study alongside innovative objects by contemporary artist Wang Qin, who pays tribute to the Chinese tradition of calligraphy with glass works that appear to be brushed with abstract ink patterns.

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Rodin’s Bust of Napoleon
Gallery 155, 1st floor
Get a first look at a marble sculpture that was recently rediscovered in a New Jersey town hall as a work by Rodin. Also experience the bronze John the Baptist Preaching.

Want more Rodin? Then head to the nearby Rodin Museum and explore an installation focused on the artist’s intimate and powerful depictions of romantic love.

Chinese Buddhist Art
Hollis Baldeck Gallery 239, 2nd floor
Explore Buddhist sculpture from China as well as an ornate ceiling from the Zhihua temple in Beijing. Also be among the first visitors to enjoy our latest gallery interactive, which allows you to zoom in and marvel at the ceiling’s carvings of dragons, phoenixes, and Buddhas.

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Fifty Days at Iliam
Gray Charitable Trust Galleries 184 & 185, 1st floor
Experience Cy Twombly’s ambitious retelling of Homer’s Iliad. A “painting in ten parts” about the final days of the Trojan War, Fifty Days at Iliam represents the pinnacle of the artist’s lifelong preoccupation with classical mythology.

Mexican Modernism
Galleries 186 & 187, 1st floor
See how modern artists like Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, and David Alfaro Siqueiros created innovative works that reflect Mexico’s history, tradition, and identity.

Drawing Room from a New York Town House
Gallery 265, second floor
Explore this luxurious space, which stands as a rare document of life during the Gilded Age. Originally installed in the New York town house of heiress Eleanore Elkins Rice in the 1920s, this elegant gallery features a distinguished collection of French furniture, porcelain, and textiles of the 1700s. It is the only historic interior in the Museum’s collection with its original furnishings.

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Please note, some of the objects on view in these galleries may rotate periodically.

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