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Explore 1960s Design

Spanning from Pop Art to psychedelic experimentations, the diverse works in this exhibition highlight the sprawling, yet interconnected, nature of art and design during the 1960s.

Pop & Op Art

The networks of exchange between artists and designers were open in the 1960s, as seen in the Pop and Op Art movements. Artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol playfully translated popular culture in their bold prints. Op artist Edna Andrade and fashion designer John Stephen used color and geometric patterns to create works that feature optical illusions.

Jet Age & the Space Race

The 1960s saw developments in air and space travel permeating consumer culture. These objects convey the wonder of flying, the excitement of the first successful moon landing in 1969, and futuristic visions of life in space.


Artists and designers looked to technology to express the optimistic spirit of the era. New materials and processes revolutionized design, freeing it from tradition and allowing for increasingly abstract forms and affordable, mass-produced objects.


As politics and the fight against the establishment took to the streets, a youth movement emerged, seeking to create a society free from discrimination. The rise of this counterculture formed the basis for new creative experimentation in art, design, and music.