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"In arranging my new apartment I see your paintings again with so much pleasure.... There's such a note of truth, of real countryside in each one."
Letter to van Gogh from his brother Theo, Paris, March 16, 1889
"I've looked most attentively at your works since we parted; first at your brother's and then at the Independents exhibition. I offer you my sincere compliments, and for many artists you are the most remarkable in the exhibition. With things from nature you are the only one there who thinks."
Letter to van Gogh from artist Paul Gauguin, Paris, March 20, 1890
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I love Vinny a lot and he is a great artist

Posted from the Gallery
Ellie - 4.27.2012 - 6:24 PM
Vinny is great at his art work and I appreciate it . He is a great artist too

Posted from the Gallery
Ellie - 4.27.2012 - 6:12 PM
i liked it but you need stary night in your exhibit

Posted from the Gallery
bob1234567890 - 4.27.2012 - 6:08 PM
Wow. The emotion and color in these paintings was astounding. My favorite was probably the almond blossoms.

Posted from the Gallery
Anonymous - 4.27.2012 - 5:57 PM
Astounding...what burning embers can be seen through the iris of an eye. An ethic to live by, energy

Posted from the Gallery
Francis - 4.27.2012 - 5:50 PM
Epic i liked the moth!!

Posted from the Gallery
Anonymous - 4.27.2012 - 5:48 PM
It was pretty like my pookiepie!

Posted from the Gallery
Squeaky - 4.27.2012 - 3:03 PM
amazing and wonderful!

Posted from the Gallery
Anonymous - 4.27.2012 - 2:43 PM
i love cheese

Posted from the Gallery
michael - 4.27.2012 - 1:43 PM
one word...... BEAUTIFUL!

Posted from the Gallery
Jlachz;) - 4.27.2012 - 12:48 PM
Van Gogh is now my favorite artist!!!! :)

Posted from the Gallery
Hopeurluv<3 - 4.27.2012 - 12:47 PM

Posted from the Gallery
Anonymous - 4.27.2012 - 12:20 PM
I thought that the exhibition was BEAUTIFULLY curated. The alcoves with the prints and photographs really made the experience of learning about art through the visual context easy, without detracting from the overall van gogh collection. I also thought that the wall colors were magnificently chosen, and were modern and yet, still invigorated the images. Sometimes, I wish that the paintings could be taken out of the frames, and shown in a more modern setting, however, I understand if it is impossible to do so. Finally, I didn't experience the audio track, but my mother thought that it was lovely.

Posted from the Gallery
Virginia Hoffman - 4.27.2012 - 12:02 PM
Wow...incredible experience. My favorite was the Almond Blossom...beautiful!

Posted from the Gallery
Tatum - 4.27.2012 - 11:43 AM
This museum was awesome! It had awesome paintings and pictures!

Posted from the Gallery
Us - 4.27.2012 - 11:24 AM
My wife and I saw the Van Gogh exhibit last Saturday with friends and we loved it. Solidified Van Gogh as my wife's favorite artist, and raised my appreciation of him (though Renoir remains my favorite). Very impressed with the range of works.
We were a bit disappointed, however, in the tickets themselves: a show of one of the world's greatest artists put on by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and show tickets are barely more than white cardboard? Did the ticket designer not see the show?

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Terry - 4.26.2012 - 11:16 PM
I've always been a Van Gogh fan. The exhibit was amazing. The best compilation I've seen yet here at the PMA.

I saw things that showed me, for once, not just the man's depth of sorrow, turmoil and darkness, but the love of beauty and joy in nature that he posessed.

If you haven't seen it you'd better hurry!

Web Comment
Chris - 4.26.2012 - 6:52 PM
This exhibit was beautiful!!! I especially enjoyed the wheat fields and various landscapes

Posted from the Gallery
Allison - 4.26.2012 - 4:19 PM
A belated review of this wonderful exhibit. We visited on Saturday, April 14th with tickets for 2:30 PM. We are members and have attended many exhibits at the PMA.
Yes, it was crowded, especially the first two rooms, yes, it was probably oversold. However, we all agreed we LOVED seeing some of Van Gogh's works we had never seen or perhaps noticed before. I have been struck by the number of people wondering why certain paintings were not included in the exhibit. Perhaps it's because the exhibit is described by the PMA as follows:
"Drawn powerfully to nature, his works--particularly those created in the years just before he took his own life--engage the viewer with the strength of his emotions. This exhibition focuses on these tumultuous years, a period of feverish artistic experimentation that began when van Gogh left Antwerp for Paris in 1886 and continued until his death in Auvers in 1890. "
For us the only negative was the audio guide. The female curator was flat with no intonation or excitement about the art she was describing. The male curator was his usual condescending self, complete with affected accent. Please, do us all a huge favor and let them write the descriptions and use a professional reader for the audio guide.

Web Comment
Anonymous - 4.26.2012 - 3:46 PM
to see your brush strokes on the canvas is amazing

Posted from the Gallery
Anna - 4.26.2012 - 2:32 PM