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"In arranging my new apartment I see your paintings again with so much pleasure.... There's such a note of truth, of real countryside in each one."
Letter to van Gogh from his brother Theo, Paris, March 16, 1889
"I've looked most attentively at your works since we parted; first at your brother's and then at the Independents exhibition. I offer you my sincere compliments, and for many artists you are the most remarkable in the exhibition. With things from nature you are the only one there who thinks."
Letter to van Gogh from artist Paul Gauguin, Paris, March 20, 1890
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I attended this magnificent show today (a weekday) and was completely enthralled by it. Yes, it was crowded (I had a 1 p.m. entry ticket), but I found I was still able to stand and study the paintings; one just has to be patient and wait for the other art lovers (whom I found to be extremely polite) to move along. I went on my own, however, which I realize is much easier than if I were with either children or impatient friends, for example. My recommendation: Make your way patiently to the end of the exhibit, take a deep breath, and then go back through it again. By that time (4 p.m.) on my visit, the galleries were much less crowded and I could commune again with my favorite paintings in absolute peace. Another tip: Especially if you are going to to have a second look, as I did, it really helps to have eaten something beforehand. Luckily, the museum has a balcony cafe where one can snack just before entering the exhibit. (At 12:30 p.m. the museum's cafeteria, where I normally get my pre-exhibit sustenance, was overflowing with patrons, so the balcony cafe was a much preferable alternative.) I hope these tips help you enjoy this show; it is not to be missed!

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Susan - 4.18.2012 - 10:26 PM
I loved all of it. I even loved the crowds. It was
exciting being part of something that so many flock
to see.
I love the idea of a Sun Flower pod being something of beauty. I think tht is what separates him. I especially loved the almond blossoms he painted for his nephew. I would never have know that was one of V. Van Gogh's.

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Janet D - 4.18.2012 - 6:38 PM
Absolutely incredible. Had an awesome time. got lost in several paintings, and loved every second of it.gogh hard or gogh home

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Zum McPurple - 4.18.2012 - 2:56 PM

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BUTTOCKTICUS - 4.18.2012 - 1:15 PM
far too crowded on 4/18/12 during 11-1130 entry.

Posted from the Gallery
teresa - 4.18.2012 - 12:51 PM
I like Vincent Van Gogh's art.

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alannah - 4.18.2012 - 11:20 AM
We saw the exhibit on 4/13 at 2 PM. It was enthralling but far too many people to really soak up the depth of each painting. Pondering too long became uncomfortable with people nudging and stepping in front of you constantly.

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Malcolm & Ilene - 4.17.2012 - 9:40 PM
I went to the exhibit on Sat. 4/14. The art was obviously great and well organized. BUT, there were WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE there to enjoy the experience.

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Anonymous - 4.17.2012 - 7:40 PM
I have been a member for many years and have seen many exquisite exhibits but this by far took my breath away.

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Candi - 4.17.2012 - 5:17 PM
I am a lover of art, however I think this exhibition was the first time I've ever felt sincerely moved by oggling art. Well done.

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Krysty-Ann Bastable - 4.17.2012 - 3:44 PM
GRACIAS! GREAT SHOW! Lovely job with your presentation and choices. For me it was enlightening, and I thank you.

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renee - 4.17.2012 - 3:39 PM
We went to this wonderful exhibit last Wednesday. What an amazingly gifted artist! A bonus for me was viewing some works that were "new" to me; the downside was that there were not enough audio narratives for these less familiar works. "Van Gogh Up Close" is an apt choice of title for this exhibit--well done!

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Elizajane - 4.17.2012 - 3:26 PM
I felt as though I was in Vincent's mind in all its ups and downs.I am in the presence of genius. Thank you for the experience

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Joan - 4.17.2012 - 3:00 PM
cool gallery

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cody - 4.17.2012 - 2:59 PM
Painting only a tapeworm could like!!

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BILL - 4.17.2012 - 2:55 PM
The exhibit itself was great; so many beautiful works of Van Gogh's that we were not familiar with. But getting there was a challenge. There was some kind of 'walk' going on in and around Eakins Oval that totally tied up traffic. I think the museum should have given us a heads-up so we could have allowed more time. And the parking garage is a disaster! A huge bottleneck getting into it, and then it was hard to get out because we never got our ticket back from the machine when we paid.

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Anonymous - 4.17.2012 - 2:52 PM
i made time in my crazy work life to see this master of art and is so worth the time to get to know more of the work and who this special man was.cheers

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SUSAN BEARD - 4.17.2012 - 1:56 PM
Favorite was: "Edge of a Wheatfield with Poppies" Don't miss it.

Posted from the Gallery
Raja - 4.17.2012 - 12:08 PM
It was an amazing

Posted from the Gallery
Anna - 4.17.2012 - 11:08 AM
I loved the exhibit. I especially loved "Almond Blossoms" it was so pretty.

Posted from the Gallery
HOPE - 4.17.2012 - 11:08 AM