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Live Cinema/Tim Hyde: Building in Reverse
March 20, 2009 - June 21, 2009
Collage 1
Tim Hyde (American, born 1968)
Untitled (Monument), 2008–09
Photo collage installation
Courtesy of the artist and Max Protetch Gallery
Live Cinema/Tim Hyde: Building in Reverse
March 20, 2009 - June 21, 2009
In his work, Brooklyn-based artist Tim Hyde investigates the relationship between physical space, time, and perception. He strives to render visible the relation between spaces and the physical interactions they enable, by using architecture as a backdrop. For Hyde, space is perceived and transformed in time, a concept translated through the use of time-based mediums like video and collaged photography. The artist’s close examination of the production of images in film and photography emphasizes the mechanical inadequacy of the camera, turning its technological limitations to his advantage in order to create works that challenge interpretation and question the nature of representation.

Exhibition Minutes

Works that build ideas of structure out of time...
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For this installment of Live Cinema, the artist has responded to the architecture of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s galleries, seemingly transforming them into a filmic device. The repetition of certain particular features in these spaces—receding walls, corners, and vaults—echoes the edgy architectural forms that emerge in Untitled (Monument), while the multiple doorways in the gallery create a dialogue with the compositional elements of The Keeper. At the same time, the extreme weather and visibility conditions captured by Video panorama of New York City during which the camera failed to distinguish the city from a snowstorm appear heightened inside the Museum’s Video Gallery. Mediated by the lens of the camera, Tim Hyde’s constant search for new forms of representation engages both perception and imagination.


Adelina Vlas • Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art


Galleries 178 and 179, first floor