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In Proportion to the Trouble - Considering Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant
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Mount Pleasant is a National Historic Landmark located East Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. It was commissioned by Captain John and Margaret Macpherson and completed in 1765. Purchased by the City of Philadelphia in 1869, since 1926 the main house and the two pavilions have been administered by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Funding from the Americana Foundation of Novi, Michigan, has supported a series of projects at the site, commencing in July 2009, that have contributed to a more complete understanding of the buildings, the wealth of documentary material associated with Mount Pleasant, its builder and inhabitants, past restoration projects, as well as the current restoration of the carved chimneypiece in the second story drawing room.

The following web pages, which will continue to be updated on a regular basis, will provide an on-line resource for information about the recent investigation and examination of the surviving buildings, current and past conservation projects as well the varied and layered historical narratives of those associated with the history of Mount Pleasant.