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Thomas Eakins: Paintings and Photography

The half-hour documentary A Sharp Eye on Nature (2001) presents conservators' exciting discovery of 19th-century American artist Thomas Eakins's use of projected photographs in making paintings. Eakins was an accomplished draftsman and master of traditional artistic methods, but he also enthusiastically embraced photography and turned it ingeniously to his aims as a painter. Detailed views of his drawings, paintings, and photographs, demonstration of his techniques, and specialists' insights give a vivid sense of the artist at work and the significance of new findings to the understanding of Eakins's unique artistic vision. In describing how these new discoveries about Eakins's use of photography were made, conservators and art historians also afford viewers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the means and potential rewards of technical and art-historical research.

Watch: Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Thomas Eakins: A Sharp Eye on Nature, Part 1

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