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Book Cover with Exterior Carvings of Trailokyavijaya, Sitapatra, and Ganapati

c. 18th century
Artist/maker unknown, Nepalese
The figures in this carved and painted book cover were painted to imitate gold statues. The three figures are Trailokyavijaya (Conqueror of the Three Worlds), Sitapatra (She Who Shelters with a White Parasol), and the elephant-headed Ganesha. Trailokyavijaya protects devotees from the threats from the sky, earth, and underworld. Sitapatra guards against natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes. Ganesha, a particularly popular deity in Newar Buddhism, is frequently worshiped just before reading a sacred text to remove obstacles that hinder enlightenment. The original text once contained in this book most likely invoked these deities.

Object Details

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