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Traveling Tea Set (Chabako)

Mari Iwabuchi (Japanese, born 1970) , and Hayashi Hiroshi (Japanese, born 1967) , and Nishizuka Shigemitsu (Sottaku) (Japanese, born 1959) , and Takashi Tanaka (Japanese, born 1970) , and Kunio Watanabe (Japanese, born 1967) , and Saeda Makoto (Japanese, born 1973) , and Yuko Shinozuka (Japanese, born 1968) , and Shiina Isamu (Japanese, born 1968) , and Seigo Maeda (Japanese, born 1968) , and Yuichi Chiba (Japanese, born 1971) , and Hatayama Kazue (Japanese, active late 20th century–early 21st century)

The tea ceremony requires a variety of implements, including teabowls, whisks, tea caddies, and the like. The tea set seen here, contained in a wood box (called a chabako) is portable, used by tea masters when they travel to teach or host a gathering.

A group of contemporary Japanese artists created this ensemble of pieces, including the box itself. They have each signed the lid of the outer storage box, which is on display.

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