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Korea Now!

August 1, 2003–February 23, 2005

Korea Now! shows off the museum's recent acquisitions of Korean contemporary art in all media. Among the works on display are an eight-panel screen of calligraphy about the Eight Views of the Xiao and the Xiang Rivers, named after the two famous rivers which flow into the West Lake in China, famed for its beautiful scenery and celebrated in Asian poetry, calligraphy and painting.

Another screen, Orchids and Calligraphy, by the renowned painter Kim Eung-won, is the newest addition to the collection. Kim Eung-won specialized in depicting orchids and was a leading figure in Korean painting circles during the first quarter of the twentieth century. He played an important role in preserving the tradition of Korean painting after the end of the Chŏson dynasty.

Other works of art include a ceramic vessel by Yoon Kwang-cho, and a number of impressive works in various media by contemporary women artists.

Main Building


Dr. Felice Fischer, Luther W. Brady Curator of Japanese Art and Curator of East Asian Art; Ariane Perrin, Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow for Korean Art

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