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Cornucopia: Recent Acquisitions in Japanese Art

November 24, 2007–November 16, 2008

This exhibition showcases select works that celebrate the Museum's steadily growing collection of Japanese art. Among the most important objects featured is an exemplary seventeenth-century painting of a Deer Mandala (seen left). Rendered on silk and mounted as a hanging scroll, the piece celebrates the sacred animal messenger of the Shinto deities. A display of lacquer vessels made for both ritual and secular uses represents another significant area of collection expansion during the past few years. Likewise, a selection of contemporary works of art reflects the Museum's increasing interest in the extraordinary crafts of basketry, metalwork and ceramics that has guided acquisitions of pieces made by the living artists of Japan.

Main Building


Felice Fischer • Luther W. Brady Curator of Japanese Art and Curator of East Asian Art

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