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Celebrating American Craft: 30 Years of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

September 19, 2006–October 21, 2007

November 2006 marks the 30th year of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, organized annually by the Women's Committee of the Museum. The Committee presented its first Craft Show in November 1977 to great acclaim.

From its inception, proceeds from the Show have benefited the Museum, with a portion always designated for the purchase of contemporary American crafts. Over the ensuing thirty years, the generous annual contribution from the Women's Committee, as well as gifts of objects by individual Committee members, has transformed the Museum's collection of American crafts into one of the finest in the nation.

The outstanding objects on view in this exhibition demonstrate the vitality of this field and celebrate the important role of the Craft Show and the Women's Committee in bringing contemporary American crafts to the Museum.

Craft in Philadelphia

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See the best of contemporary American crafts every year at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

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Dr. David Barquist • Curator of American Decorative Arts

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