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Heart on Your Sleeve, 2021, New York City. Courtesy of Saint Flashlight.
Hands-On Activities

Pop-up Studio: Molly Gross

Friday, August 19,
5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. EST

Explore your creativity with art making led by local artists. No experience necessary, all ages welcome.

Artist and poet Molly Gross leads a hands-on activity using poetry, illustration, and collage to share inspiration within the community.

About the Artist

Molly Bianca Gross is an artist, poet, cultural producer, and career coach. As co-founder of Saint Flashlight, she is devoted to placing poetry in public spaces. Gross is a board member of The Poetry Project and the author of six chapbooks: “The Whisperer,” “Crisscross,” “Shape,” “Between My Teeth,” “Perpendicular,” and “Glass, Maybe.”

This event is part of the Art Kids program series.

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