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This online teaching resource has been adapted from Learning from Asian Art: China, a teaching kit produced by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The kit, which includes slides and image cards of objects from the Museum's collection of Chinese art; a video on the Museum's Reception Hall from the Palace of Duke Zhao (Zhaogongfu); and a CD-ROM; can be purchased through the Museum’s shop or borrowed from the Wachovia Education Resource Center.

This online resource introduces students to Chinese art and culture as they explore works in the Museum’s collection. Each art image is accompanied by background information, a set of looking questions, and related classroom activity suggestions that students can use individually, in small groups, or as a whole class. Clicking on the art image will link you to a larger view of the object that has a zoom feature for more detailed exploration. Boldface words in the image texts click through to a glossary. A map, timeline, and a list of recommended print resources and websites are also included.

It is our hope that teachers of all levels will be able to adapt these materials for their specific teaching needs, and that these images will spark student assignments in a variety of disciplines—art, social studies, science, mathematics, and language arts.

The images in this resource represent a small portion of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s fine collection of Chinese art. We hope you and your students find much in these materials to interest you, and we invite you to bring your students to the Museum to further experience the beauty of Chinese art.

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