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A man interacts with a Futures Therapy Lab station.
With your help, the museum creates spaces for conversation, critique, and creativity.

Annual Fund: Creating a Collaborative Future

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A museum doesn’t just connect visitors with the past—it makes the past relevant to the present and provides tools to imagine the future. Our special exhibition Designs for Different Futures presents tough questions through the lens of art and design. How could the future change how we eat, heal, or even love? Our visitors have a stake in these questions, which means we do too.

To make sure our collection and programming continue to evolve, we need your help. Please give to the Annual Fund.

Together, we keep the museum as dynamic as it is iconic. This fall alone, we’ve launched new in-gallery programs, lecture series, and community spaces. Please make a gift to the Annual Fund today to support the collaborations between curators, creatives, and educators that keep the museum moving forward.

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Your fully tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund, in any amount, makes a difference. Donate online or by phone at 215-684-7840. Thank you for your continued support.

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