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Think about Wood, Think about Metal
Still from Think about Wood, Think about Metal (2011) by Manon de Boer (Courtesy of the artist and Jan Mot Brussels-Mexico City)
Live Cinema/Manon de Boer: Resonating Surfaces – A Trilogy
November 17, 2012 - May 5, 2013
The trilogy will be presented on a rotating weekly schedule.

Resonating Surfaces – A Trilogy presents for the first time in a museum exhibition a series of three cinematic portraits defined by narratives of time and memory, and structured around the relation between images and sounds. Created over a period of ten years by the contemporary Dutch artist and filmmaker Manon de Boer, the films feature personal introspective narratives focused on the transformative experiences of life in the seventies, a time when each of the protagonists struggled to define their identities. The women featured are Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel, who played the lead role in the French cult classic film Emmanuelle; Suely Rolnik, a Brazilian psychoanalyst and thinker; and American Robyn Schulkowsky, who emerged during this time as a celebrated avant-garde percussionist. In allowing the voices of the three women to be the sole focus of the narrative thread, the films generate a dissonant sensorial experience in which recollection is not intended to recreate the past but rather to frame the present, and where abstract notions such as memory, history and life are negotiated through the cinematic experience.

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Manon de Boer (Dutch, born 1966 in Kodaicanal, India) completed her artistic education at the Akademie Van Beeldende Kunsten, Rotterdam and at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Using personal narration and musical interpretation as both method and subject, De Boer explores the relationship between language, time and presumptive truths to produce a series of cinematic portraits in which the medium itself is continuously interrogated. Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently in dOCUMENTA 13, at the 2007 Venice Biennial, the 2008 Berlin Biennial, and has been included in numerous film festivals. Her work has been the subject of monographic exhibitions at Witte de With in Rotterdam and the Frankfurter Kunstverein, among others. De Boer lives and works in Brussels.

Sylvia Kristel â Paris
Still from Sylvia Kristel – Paris (2003) by Manon de Boer (Courtesy of the artist and Jan Mot Brussels-Mexico City)

Sylvia Kristel – Paris (2003)

Super-8 film transferred to video, color
Duration: 39 minutes
  • January 1 - 6
  • January 22 - 27
  • February 12 - 18
  • March 5 - 10
  • March 26 - 31
  • April 16 - 21
Sylvia Kristel – Paris is a portrait of actress Sylvia Kristel, best known for her role in the 1970s erotic cult classic Emmanuelle. The city of Paris is featured prominently, as it serves as a background to her reminiscing about acting and her turbulent love life during that decade. De Boer recorded Kristel’s stories twice between November 2000 and June 2002 and presents these accounts in non-chronological order, emphasizing the mutability of memory and the impossibility of distilling the past into a cohesive biography.

Resonating Surfaces
Still from Resonating Surfaces (2005) by Manon de Boer (Courtesy of the artist and Jan Mot Brussels-Mexico City)

Resonating Surfaces (2005)

16mm transferred to video, color
Duration: 39 minutes
  • December 18 - 23
  • January 8 - 13
  • January 29 - February 3
  • February 19 - 24
  • March 12 - 17
  • April 2 - 7
  • April 23 - 28

Resonating Surfaces is a portrait, of a city, of a woman and of a certain philosophy of life as it situates Suely Rolnik in the context of the sounds, smells, and color of São Paulo—her native city, as well as the intellectual atmosphere of 1970s Paris—the city of her exile. In the narrative, Rolnik delves into a personal history of alternative lifestyle, imprisonment, psychoanalytic work, and her relationships with the two founders of schizoanalysis, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, whose work focused on the role of social behavior in understanding personality. The film is woven through by different themes pertaining to Deleuze and Guattari’s thinking, among them the relation to otherness, the connection between body and power, as well as the politics of desire and of resistance.

Think about Wood, Think about Metal
Still from Think about Wood, Think about Metal (2011) by Manon de Boer (Courtesy of the artist and Jan Mot Brussels-Mexico City)

Think about Wood, Think about Metal (2011)

16mm transferred to video, color
Duration: 48 minutes
  • December 26 - 30
  • January 15 - 21
  • February 5 - 10
  • February 26 - March 3
  • March 19 - 24
  • April 9 - 14
  • April 30 - May 5
In Think about Wood, Think about Metal fragments of the life and thinking of percussionist Robyn Schulkowsky are situated in the history of the avant-garde music during and after the 1970s. Schulkowsky has worked with composers such as John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Derek Bailey, John Zorn, Frederic Rzewski and Christian Wolff. One of the few female percussionists, Schulkowsky, frequently uses found objects in her unique percussion improvisations which occupy a large part of the film, as their rhythm complements the non-linear structuring of time central to this body of work.


This exhibition is made possible by the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam, and by public funds from the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York. Additional support is provided by the University of Delaware Art Department.


Adelina Vlas, Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art


Julien Levy Gallery, first floor, Perelman Building

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