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The Young Friends Program and Executive Board leadership advance the mission of the Philadelphia Museum of Art through their financial support and engagement of new audiences. As informed advocates on behalf of the Museum, Executive Board members, cultivate a forum for young professionals to participate in a variety of educational and social activities that provide special access to the Museum’s collections, enhance art appreciation and create lifelong relationships with the Museum.

Members of the Young Friends Executive Board


Alexander Hankin
Ian Hincken


David Achey
Erin Branche
Jackie Cassidy
Tyler Cunnion
Stephane D’Angelo
Kellye DeSantis
Erin Eddy
Yael Eytan
Grace Gaspari
Michael Gerstein
Katie Griffin
Danielle Hankin
Robert Marsch
Tamara Opila
Cara Piskai
Joe Piskai
Ernest Poon
Echo Reid
Deirdre Sawinski
Naveen Todi
Sarah Wright

For more information, please contact Young Friends by phone at 215-684-7858 or by e-mail at .

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