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An Old Gypsy Telling the Fortune of a Young Noblewoman
September 21, 2013 - December 29, 2013
Prints created by Austrian, German, and Swiss artists included in this exhibition reflect the dramatic shifts in taste in the arts during a time of significant cultural and political transformation throughout the German-speaking regions of Central Europe during the Romantic period.
Girl's Dress
December 21, 2012 - December 18, 2013
All Dressed Up: Fashions for Children and Their Families focuses on clothing from the late eighteenth through mid-twentieth centuries, comparing and contrasting adults' apparel with children’s smaller styles.
âsunlight gently drips a golden dust everywhereâ
May 4, 2013 - November 17, 2013
Multimedia artist Candy Coated blends nineteenth- and twentieth-century children's fancy dress costumes from the Museum's collection into a rich wonderland of colorful vinyl decals, ceramic wall gems, hand-screened fabrics, and wallpapers in the Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman Building's Joan Spain Gallery.
Untitled (Girls in Plaid "Hoovering" the Lawn)
June 8, 2013 - November 10, 2013
Family Portrait examines the many ways photographers picture family, from amateurs who document their own households, to progressive reformers who make views of domestic life to encourage social change, to artists who explore the deeply personal and often private nature of familial relationships.
Child's Chair
May 25, 2013 - October 14, 2013
This exhibition will feature some of the latest furniture, toys, tableware, wallpaper, and textiles designed internationally in Australia, Asia, Europe, Great Britain, and the United States, along with classics from the Museum’s design collection.
Lion and Mouse
June 28, 2013 - September 22, 2013
This exhibition of drawings and watercolors by Jerry Pinkney (American, born 1939) presents an overview of the artist’s long and varied career as a designer and illustrator.
Path on the Island of Saint Martin, Vétheuil
July 13, 2013 - September 8, 2013
The holdings of the Philadelphia Museum of Art are constantly changing, and every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of new works are added to the permanent collection. These acquisitions would not be possible without the remarkable generosity of donors, whose dedication to philanthropy has sustained the Museum since its origins.
Diagonal with Curve III
April 27, 2013 - August 25, 2013
Presented on the occasion of the artist’s ninetieth birthday, this installation brings together a selection of four works that span Ellsworth Kelly’s prolific oeuvre. One of the most prominent artists of the postwar period, Kelly is known for his explorations of contrasting formal relationships: flat color versus depth, shape, and scale.
The Terminal
May 11, 2013 - August 11, 2013
Photogravure, a printmaking process that combines elements of aquatint etching and photography, was a prized medium among artist-photographers of the late nineteenth century, who labored over their hand-pulled prints.
The Giant Wheel
May 11, 2013 - August 11, 2013
Starting from Scratch showcases more than seventy of the Museum’s finest etchings, demonstrating the ways in which some of history’s most famous artists have embraced the medium to create original and dynamic works of art.
Chelsea Wall #1
July 28, 2012 - July 14, 2013
Sean Scully’s paintings speak eloquently to the history of abstraction, engaging in a passionate conversation with the legacies of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism while offering new models for the continuing role of nonfigurative art.
The Golfers
March 16, 2013 - July 7, 2013
The Golfers (1847), an iconic work by Scottish painter Charles Lees (1800–1880), is the centerpiece of The Art of Golf, an exhibition celebrating what has been called “a game of considerable passion” on the occasion of the U.S. Open Championships, which will be played in June at the Merion Golf Club, in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.
Men Drinking, Boys Tormenting, Dogs Barking
March 3, 2013 - June 9, 2013
The power of self-taught artistic talent, the drive of the human spirit to create, and the wonders of highly original inner worlds revealed. These are just a few of the reasons why the Philadelphia Museum of Art is proud to debut the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection, a promised gift to the Museum of more than two hundred works by self-taught artists.
April 14, 2012 - May 27, 2013
Taking cues from the Dada movement and from the work of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti, Cy Twombly (American, 1928– 2011) created poetic objects whose serene white surfaces and allusive forms seem to recall remote worlds of myth and the ancient past. After reaching an indisputable maturity in his early sculpture, created from 1946 to 1959, Twombly returned to working in three dimensions in the mid-1970s and continued to cast new works up until his passing in 2011.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel with Bishop Saints
February 16, 2013 - May 19, 2013
With a rare group of paintings, decorative arts, and sculptures from the collection of Roberta and Richard Huber, Journeys to New Worlds explores the artistic exchanges between Spain and Portugal and their colonies in the Americas and Asia during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Think about Wood, Think about Metal
November 17, 2012 - May 5, 2013
Resonating Surfaces – A Trilogy presents for the first time in a museum exhibition a series of three cinematic portraits defined by narratives of time and memory, and structured around the relation between images and sounds.
End Bad Breath
December 2, 2012 - April 14, 2013
With a shared sensibility and approach to design, graphic designer Paula Scher and illustrator Seymour Chwast have transformed their fields of practice. Celebrating the achievements of this remarkably creative couple, whose work is being shown together for the first time, this exhibition includes images in a wide range of formats, selected and installed by Chwast (American, born 1931) and Scher (American, born 1948).
Group of Leaves on a Tulle Background
December 22, 2012 - April 7, 2013
This exhibition showcases diverse highlights from the Museum’s photography collection, tracing the medium’s history as a visual art form.
Cello Jacket
October 6, 2012 - March 10, 2013
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Ronaldus Shamask (American, born Netherlands 1945) burst onto the runway with thoughtfully spare, minimalist works during a time of buoyant excess. Disregarding trends, Shamask drew on his background in illustration, architecture, theater, and dance as well as collaborations with choreographers and artists to create a timeless body of work that paved the way for the minimalist fashions of today.
October 30, 2012 - January 21, 2013
Dancing around the Bride is the first exhibition to explore the interwoven lives, works, and experimental spirit of Marcel Duchamp (American, born France, 1887–1968) and four of the most important American postwar artists: composer John Cage (1912–1992), choreographer Merce Cunningham (1919–2009), and visual artists Jasper Johns (born 1930) and Robert Rauschenberg (1925–2008).
The Life Line
September 22, 2012 - January 1, 2013
Winslow Homer’s masterpiece The Life Line (1884) is the center of an exhibition about the making and meaning of an iconic American image of rescue. One of the great popular and critical successes of the artist’s career, the painting engages age-old themes of peril at sea and the power of nature, while celebrating modern heroism and the thrill of unexpected intimacy between strangers thrown together by disaster.

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