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Black Kites
October 27, 1999 - December 12, 1999
Photogravity will cast fresh light on the world-renowned collection of Pre-Columbian sculpture that was given to the Museum in 1950 by Louise and Walter Arensberg, together with their remarkable collection of twentieth-century art.
Spring Landscape
July 27, 1999 - December 5, 1999
Widely known as the New Hope School, their work is featured in this exhibition of 16 paintings from the holdings of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a private collection.
Mission Specialist Bruce McCandless II Making the First Untethered Space Walk With Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), Mission 41-B
June 5, 1999 - November 14, 1999
This collection will feature some sixty works from the Museum's permanent collections representing the full range of photographic techniques and processes from 1840 to the present.
March 15, 1999 - October 31, 1999
This collection is drawn from the Museum's extensive permanent collection of twentieth-century decorative arts and paintings. The objects trace the development of the decorative arts from the Art Nouveau style at the beginning of the century to the modernism of the Bauhaus school in the 1920s to the functionalist design of the mid century.
May 29, 1999 - October 10, 1999
This collection—featuring some twenty-five western and Japanese prints by artists such as Camille Pissarro and Katsushika Hokusai, drawings by Jean Franois Millet and Winslow Homer, and photographs by Ansel Adams and Josef Sudek—celebrates the tree in all of its ever-changing aspects.
June 12, 1999 - September 25, 1999
In celebration of this retrospective, the Philadelphia Museum of Art presents a selection of American illustrations contemporary with Parrish's seventy-year career, which began in Philadelphia, where he was born and received his early art training.
No Footprints Show Where Flowers Are Deep
August 11, 1998 - August 2, 1999
Drawn from the Museum's permanent collections, Ink Traces presents screens, albums, textiles and decorative arts that feature calligraphy by Chinese, Japanese and Korean artists.
Untitled (These Excursions Served)
April 30, 1999 - July 25, 1999
The exhibition will include approximately 500 drawings chosen from the thousands that Pettibon has made during the last two decades.
The Young Girls (The Letter)
April 11, 1999 - July 11, 1999
An installation of original etchings and lithographs by Goya, selected from the Museum's permanent collections, will survey Goya's accomplishments as one of the greatest graphic artists of all time.
Kantha (Embroidered Quilt)
July 7, 1998 - June 13, 1999
This exhibition will explore the art and ritual of the varied spheres of lifedomestic, village, and templethrough works made in the regions of eastern India and neighboring Bangladesh.
Sewing Box
November 21, 1998 - June 1, 1999
Drawn from the Museum's permanent collections, this collection features decorated lacquer boxes from the Ming (1368–1644) and Ch'ing (1644–1911) dynasties. In China, such boxes served as storage container sholding documents, gifts, incense, cosmetics, jewelry, hairpins, or even medicinal herbs and minerals.
Botot. Eau. Poudre. Pâte. Savon. Dentifrices.
March 28, 1999 - May 30, 1999
100 images pertaining to dentistry are featured in this exhibition.
Red Hills and Bones
February 7, 1999 - May 23, 1999
On view in the Museum's Eglin Gallery will be nine paintings and drawings by O'Keeffe (1887-1986) and a group of Stieglitz's renowned photographic portraits of her spanning over a decade in their tumultuous relationship.
March 7, 1999 - May 16, 1999
Reassembling these works for the very first time, Mad for Modernism will close a long-recognized gap in the history of collecting modern art in the United States.
June 23, 1998 - April 18, 1999
This installation features a selection of ecclesiastical vestments and embroideries, made by professional embroiders and master weavers, whose work was regulated by Europe's elite craft guilds.
Installation at Philadelphia Museum of Art
January 23, 1999 - April 4, 1999
More than 100 proofs and edition prints drawn almost entirely from the artist's personal collection.
Photo of installation
November 11, 1998 - March 7, 1999
Sir Terence Conran, Britain's best-known figure in design, home furnishing, and retailing, was the recipient of this year's Design Excellence Award from Collab, a group of design professionals who support the Museum's Modern and Contemporary design collections.
December 17, 1998 - March 7, 1999
The exhibition will offer North American audiences the rare opportunity to see a nearly complete Renaissance altarpiece.
Allegorical Figure of Envy
September 26, 1998 - January 31, 1999
This installation features a collection of twenty-five works on paper by Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863) and several other French artists, all made between 1824 and 1854 at the height of the Romantic Era.
The Death of Sardanapalus
September 15, 1998 - January 3, 1999
This will be the first exhibition in a decade to examine the great genius of Delacroix.
October 8, 1998 - January 3, 1999
Organized jointly by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Menil Collection in Houston, Texas, this exhibition includes some 40 works by each artist, and examines interests shared by both artists, including film, optics, glass, games, the "portable museum," and the elusive yet potent force of desire.

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