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October 21, 1990 - December 23, 1990
Francesco Clemente: Three Worlds brings together more than 100 works on paper--watercolors, pastels, gouaches, folding screens, and books--by the contemporary Italian artist Francesco Clemente.
The Large Bathers
September 9, 1990 - November 25, 1990
Renoir: The Great Bathers is on display from September 9 through November 25, 1990. The exhibition, organized by Christopher Riopelle, Associate Curator of European Painting before 1900, includes over fifty paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Renoir. These works provide a survey of the artist's career, and specifically focus on Renoir's art of the 1880s.
Portrait of Benjamin Franklin
May 5, 1990 - September 16, 1990
Images of Franklin is a small exhibition drawn from the Museum's collections of portraits of Philadelphia's most famous citizen. The exhibition is presented in connection with the city-wide commemoration this year of the 200th anniversary of Franklin's death in 1790.
Backyard, Winter, New York
May 26, 1990 - August 12, 1990
Legacy in Light: Photographic Treasures from Philadelphia Area Public Collections, organized by The Photography Sesquicentennial Project, draws from the literally hundreds of institutional photography collections in the Delaware Valley.
Jar and Lid with Design of Chrysanthemums and Peafowl
September 15, 1989 - July 15, 1990
Japanese art is distinguished by the inventiveness and style of its traditional design motifs. This installation features art in all media from all periods to provide a sampling of the Japanese genius for decorative style.
Energy Field
April 22, 1990 - July 8, 1990
The Philadelphia Museum of Art takes pride and pleasure in the organization of a major juried exhibition of works in a variety of media by Philadelphia area artists. This is one of three exhibitions sponsored by Philadelphia Art Now, a three-year program funded by The William Penn Foundation to increase the visibility of area artists.
Woman's Long Dress
February 11, 1990 - March 25, 1990
During the years 1979 to 1989, the Costume and Textiles Department made over three hundred acquisitions by gift and purchase. Approximately thirty to forty of the finest of these will be included in the exhibition, which will illustrate the depth and richness of the collections.
Sketch for a Portrait of a Family
November 4, 1989 - February 21, 1990
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is fortunate to be able to show many aspects of the protean genius that was Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), one of the artistic giants of the seventeenth century. In addition to the splendid Constantine tapestries woven after designs by Rubens (and Pietro da Cortona) that surround the Great Stair Hall, Ruben's impressive Prometheus Bound is displayed in one of the second-floor painting galleries. The focus of the present exhibition, however, is on an earlier stage in Ruben's creative process, one in which he formulated his compositional ideas--the oil sketch.
January 10, 1990 - February 4, 1990
Miralda's Honeymoon Project celebrates the 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage to the New World through a series of installations, performances, and exhibitions happening around the world and based upon the theme of the symbolic courtship and marriage of the Statue of Liberty to the Columbus Column in Barcelona's harbor.
Marcel Duchamp as Rrose Sélavy
October 22, 1989 - January 7, 1990
Over 250 works in all media traced the career of the artist, who was born in Philadelphia, and a lively program of lectures, films, and performances celebrated the spirit of the pioneer of Dada and Surrealism.

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