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A Young Art Student (Portrait of Thomas Eakins)
October 18, 1978 - December 20, 1978
This exhibition of works and documents of Eakins, his students and friends, celebrates the publication of the handbook to the Thomas Eakins Collection.
Sunset, Port of Antwerp
September 16, 1978 - November 19, 1978
A group of Second Empire prints from the collection shown in the Director's Corridor supplemented the exhibition The Second Empire: Art in France under Napoleon III.
July 1, 1978 - October 22, 1978
Attracted by the artistic potential rather than the intrinsic value of their materials, such as the emphasis on precious gems in joaillerie, the jewelers whose work is exhibited here made inventive use of enameling, a craft revived in the nineteenth century as a result of renewed interest in Renaissance design.
Amitayus, Bodhisattva of Limitless Life
June 3, 1978 - July 30, 1978
To close the year, Stella Kramrisch, Curator Emeritus of Indian Art, building on the strength and tradition of her department, exhibited Himalayan Art, an intense evocation of the beauty of Tibetan and Nepalese artistic tradition.
April 15, 1978 - June 25, 1978
The Face of China As Seen by Photographers & Travelers 1860-1912 is an exhibition presented by the Philadelphia Museum of Art from April 15 to June 25, 1978.
December 10, 1977 - April 30, 1978
Elsie McGarvey, Curator Emeritus of the Department of Costume and Textiles, demonstrated the variety of our holdings in the charming exhibition Fashions of Embroidery.
Painting IV (Mechanical Abstraction)
March 11, 1978 - April 9, 1978
This exhibition includes drawings by Beatrice Wood ranging in date from 1917 to 1950, as well as a small selection of works and portraits of artists whom she knew in New York in the years 1916 to 1921.
October 8, 1977 - January 28, 1978
To draw attention to the Museum's reserve collection Jean Gordon Lee, Curator of Far Eastern Art, developed the exhibition Islamic Art, a beautiful selection from our Near Eastern holdings.
February 15, 1976 - January 15, 1978
Terminal Iron Works: Photographs of David Smith by Dan Budnik, 1962-1963 is an exhibition circulated by The American Federation of Arts, New York.
Nôtre Dame, Paris
November 5, 1977 - January 9, 1978
This exhibition seeks to trace development of American printmaking from the turn of the century to the present. In the center are works of our immediate time, the 1970s, while spread along the peripheral walls are their forerunners, arranged by decades. At any moment one can turn to the work of another decade to make comparisons.

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