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Dead Troops Talk
Dead Troops Talk (a vision after an ambush of a Red Army Patrol, near Moqor, Afghanistan, winter 1986)
Jeff Wall, 1992
Transparency in lightbox
229 x 417 cm
Notations: The Closing Decade
November 21, 2008 - October 25, 2009
Arguably the last decade of the twentieth century started in 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and ended twelve years later, with the horrific attacks of September 2001. That extended decade witnessed some of the most profound and lasting transformation in society since the postwar period. This presentation of works from the Museum’s collection exemplifies the vast range of artistic practices during this time of profound transition, bringing together a diverse group of artists working in a variety of media. Ranging from the meditative to the exuberant and from the elegiac to the surreal, the works in this new instance of the “Notations” series convey the anxieties and expectations associated with the turbulence of the recent past and invite reflection on the resonances between art and history-in-the-making.

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Carlos Basualdo • Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Curator of Contemporary Art
Adelina Vlas • Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art


Gallery 176, first floor

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