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Storage Jar
Storage Jar, 1859
Made by David Drake (Dave the Potter), American
Alkaline-glazed stoneware
26 1/2 × 23 1/2 inches (67.3 × 59.7 cm)
125th Anniversary Acquisition. Purchased with funds contributed by Keith and Lauren Morgan and with the gifts (by exchange) of John T. Morris, Mrs. John D. Wintersteen, and the bequest of Maurice J. Crean, and with the Baugh-Barber Fund, the Haas Community Fund, and other Museum funds (by exchange), 1997
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Let’s Look

  • How were these pots made?
  • How big do you think they are?

Let’s Look Again

  • What could you put in the large jar? How was it originally used?
  • Where else have you seen faces on things? Why do they have faces?
  • What kinds of expressions do you see on the face jugs? What emotions do they communicate?
  • How do you think the face jugs might have been used? Explain why.

Related Art Projects

  • Use clay to form a container, then add eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Write a paragraph describing what your face jug means and how it can be used.
  • Use colored paper to cut out the shape of a container (jewelry box, cookie jar, teapot). Write a verse on it about an important idea or special event in your life.

Connect and Compare

  • Compare Dave’s verses with those of other African American poets, like Langston Hughes, Phillis Wheatley, Muhammed Ali, and Maya Angelou.
  • Visit the kitchens in your school cafeteria and a local restaurant. How do the contemporary storage containers there compare with Dave's jar?
  • Imagine that you are escaping on the Underground Railroad and you need to stay out of sight and move fast. Make a list of what you would take with you.
  • Create a wall chart showing the heights of Dave's jar, a trash barrel, the face jugs, a milk carton, and you! Write your measurements on cutout tracings of your own body and the containers.

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